Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I had every intention of posting another dazzling…

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…article today, but I got sidetracked trying to put an ad on Craig's List, the first time I have ever even looked at it, much less trying to place an ad. As usual the combination of morphine and inexperience made the process much more difficult than it should have been and I spent almost two hours to get the job done.

As with all endeavors I undertake nowadays the mental gymnastics of doing such a thing has left me as exhausted as actual physical gymnastics used to do (but which I dare not try to replicate now).

Still, as I was listening to the MSM doing everything possible to falsely inject drama, excitement, and suspense regarding the mid-term elections. It would be hysterically funny were the consequences for the country were not so dire.

Fortunately even if the teabaggers, neocons, religious right, gop, republican, mouth-breathing, subversive party should happen to regain a majority in either legislative branch President Obama will beat down any poorly or stupidly passed ignorant rethug bills with that mighty tool at his disposal: the veto pen. And in this day and age there is no way either house could get the two-thirds majority vote in both houses to override a veto, and, as well, we must hope that our democratic party members will be just as quick to stop bills using the power of a senator's hold and/or the filibuster, although I believe the rethugs will commit themselves to striking down filibusters altogether, something the democrats have unfortunately lacked the balls to do.

Anyway, I have sirens and flashing lights in my head (s-o-o-o p-r-e-t-t-y!) warning me of an impending crash, wherein my mind will trip all the circuit breakers and shut down almost completely, depriving me of the pleasure of writing for your amusement, edification, or that natural impulse that makes people watch a train wreck, which is how I will feel very shortly.

A train wreck that is, neither amused nor edified. I am often amazed that when this happens I am somehow still able to muster the brainpower to maintain autonomic tasks like breathing, blinking, keeping my heart beating, etc., et al., all or part of the above, with or without whipped cream, chopped nuts, or a cherry on top.

I did manage to change my picture to a black and white photo of me and my G-dog, Goliath, one of the finest, smartest, friendliest, and wonderful dogs I have ever had the privilege to have as my companion for ten years until he died from eating the canned, poisonous, dog food which I gave him daily as a special treat, not realizing he would die from that love and kindness.

The coolest thing was that he had a different sound, bark, growl, or combination for every different person who came to my door. If it was a friend approaching G-dog would tell me who it was, a stranger would be identified by a single bark, and he was the finest peacekeeper I've ever seen: he wouldn't even allow horseplay that looked like fighting, he would thrust himself between the two people, gently grab their hands and make them cease fighting..

He was the best. I have very short hair in this pic, it has now grown past my shoulders on the way down to my waist which is where I prefer it to be. I apologize if anyone's computer was damaged by this posting of my corporeal image.

Ciao, bella ami.

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