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"Lobbyists Rush to Hire G.O.P. Staff Ahead of Midterm Vote"…

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… read the headline in the NYT.

The article continues:
With Democrats in danger of losing control of Congress, some prominent lobbying shops, trade groups and contractors are already moving to bring more Republicans on board to bolster their political fortunes.

Lobbyists, political consultants and headhunters all say that the going rate for Republicans — particularly current and former House staff members — has risen significantly in just the last few weeks, with salaries beginning at $300,000 and rising to as high as $1 million for private-sector positions.

“We’re seeing a premium for Republicans,” said Ivan H. Adler, a lobbyist for the McCormick Group in Washington, which specializes in executive searches. “They’re the new ‘It’ girl.”…

If Republicans succeed in regaining control of the House and perhaps even the Senate, firms seeking influence over federal policies are looking to gain an edge by tacking toward the right. That will become particularly important, they say, if Republicans try to roll back some of the major initiatives in health care, business regulation and other areas that Democrats have pushed through Congress in the last year.
Nothing new here. Big Oil, business, and corporations are on a hiring spree to again gain control of the most corrosive force in America: the gop.

It's pretty clear that lobbyists expect to be playing footsies with the usual bandits raping, pillaging, and leaving America beaten to shit, moaning and groaning as if the danger and expense republicans bring to the table was much like the rapist that strikes from behind, does unnecessary damage, inflicts pain on those who can least defend themselves and, truly, there is no way that anyone with any semblance or pretension to being intelligent, fair, and able to make a values-based decision can deny that the republican party has been naught but an utter disaster for America.

They more than doubled the deficit. They borrowed and spent more money in our history than any party ever.

They engaged us in two wars that they financed "off the books" to conceal the true cost to America.

They broke our military and so damaged it that for almost eight years there were only three places with a combat ready force: Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Korea. For years America has been barren of a fully trained and equipped combat brigade, leaving the country unable to mount a defense if CONUS had suffered an attack.

We have troops all over the place in Afghanistan where we know bin Laden hasn't been in years.

They made killing long distance with Predator drones and have used those drone to make killing an art, damn the collateral damage like the over 300,000 innocent men, women, and children killed and millions more displaced.

They narrowed our rights to the point that our civil rights are close to becoming extinct, and are PROUD OF IT.

They openly called for and prayed for Obama's failure and deliberately obstructed virtually every piece of legislation that would have helped America and its citizens and did it with cold, unfeeling, evil efforts to demonize Obama and openly prayed for Obama to be killed. Don't know about you, but that adds up to a party that doesn't give a damn about America and are seeking control once more not to uplift, support, and held our citizens, no, they are already planning on trying to take back everything good Obama and the democrats have done for America so they can go back to lining their pockets with special interest dollars as they do everything possible for the rich and ignore everyone else.

So, fellow Americans, the most corrupt political party ever, republicans, will once more give tax breaks on top of more tax breaks with a side order of tax breaks for the rich while fighting "green" power technologies at the behest of Big Oil, trying to repeal health legislation, attempt again to eliminate social security, unemployment benefits, and seek to dismantle every other safety net for the elderly, infirm, unemployed, and seriously ill.

And they, the gop, will continue on a path almost certain to forever destroy this once great country. A reprise of gwb, the worst president in our history, once voted the world's number one terrorist, generally despised overseas, and the man who made America the laughingstock of the world.

And once again, somehow, the republicans will lie, cheat, steal, corrupt, and still convince people to vote for them against their own self-interests, while the party wants to destroy everything for which America used to represent.

If the rethugs do regain a majority in either house of congress all tourists going to Europe will once again have to break out their Canadian citizen indicia so they suffer less derision when they travel the world.

But if you enjoy being a citizen of a third world banana republic - without the bananas - and think things are tough now just wait, things will get much, much worse courtesy of the party that is doing its best to enrich themselves and the top 1% while screwing everyone else.

And to anyone saying these things I've said are untrue I refer you to the records and job, and damage done to America during the tenure of bush and cheney.

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