Friday, August 27, 2010

Man, I am sure glad there's no such thing as global warming…

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…'cause even though I've grown fairly used to the long Indian Summers we have out here in California, this year has been wild.

We had an unusually temperate summer (very few days over 100º), we have lately had some really whacky weather. It was fairly cool, breezy and nice for a week or two, then it went back up into triple digits. For about three days last week the temps were well over 100º outside and about ten degrees warmer inside (we have air conditioning in two rooms of the house but even just a few hours a day sends our power bill zooming from our average sub-$100 to between $350 to $400 for the month. So we made the conscious decision to just use 5 or 6 high velocity fans that keeps our PG&E bill under that $100 mark and just suffer the heat.

But anytime it's over 100º outside it's 108º-114º inside, which Is why I periodically fail to post any columns: Those temps shut down my mind while I vegetate through the heat.

Yesterday was good, today is great, and besides this I do plan posting today if something tickles my fancy, but I wanted to explain the main reason I sometimes don't appear here in print.

Ciao, bella ámi.

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At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Global Warming(TM, Al Gore), global cooling, globally cross-eyed weather popping out everywhere!

As you mentioned Bill, the weather here (in LA County at least) has been unusually cool until about the beginning of this month. I think that we went through the entire month of July without even so much as one low-90s day!

As I had suggested here several months ago, I feel that our fair planet is suffering from global climate instability. What's causing this instability? Well, hows about human technology?

The massive creation of exotic chemicals (a-la thalidomide/DDT cubed) that even now, "Science" still has no clue as to how harmful they are. You know stuff that may wait 5 or 50 generations before it produces a terminal genetic mutation withing some major bio-chain.

You don't think that the basic chemical composition of the oceans can be changed by such massive overharvesting AND chemical contamination that goes on 24/7? When life in the oceans (mostly) stop producing a basic minimum of oxygen, the water's very ability to both absorb heat AND evaporate subtly changes ... just ever-so-slightly. Yet, that ever-so-slight change can still alter Jet Streams, Consequently, also altering weather patterns for whole continents.

Whenever Earth's macro-cycle of life starts getting an omnipresently wrong chemical message to produce certain environmental conditions on the micro level, when ALL life is getting that wrong message, the beginnings of an ecological catastrophe is being initiated.

Right now, we are beginning to unavoidably enter that catastrophe.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I woke up this morning to a middle-fall day in LA County ... either that or perhaps a late-spring day.

June-gloom (marine-layer like a daddy-sucker) has come to revisit us during the height of our prevailing Summer's, August dog-days!

It is absolutely CHILLI (with no beans, no meat, and also apparently, no heat) at a quarter past nine in the morning.

Not common at all.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Weird, ain't it? Either freezing or frying (although it would still be hot as hell for an Eskimo; cold as hell for anyone along or within 15º of the equator, especially equatorial rain forest AKA JUNGLE, it would also be cold as hell).

We ugly Americans are truly spoiled aren't we? A stinkin' 109º? I went to high school in Las Vegas where if it was 90º by noon (very common) it would hit 115º to 117º by the time it got to the hottest time of day around five o'clock,

'Course I was a teenager then that loved running through the deserts and up and down mountains shirtless and in shorts and bare-footed!

Thanks to the ravages of time, multiple cancers, and now intractable pain, to even attempt that would probably kill me before I crossed the first blacktop road. Feet like shoe leather I had.

Oh well, the hazards of growing old. And at least I'm getting back (and not feeling bad about it) some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars I paid in taxes for 35+ years.


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