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Here's a thought

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China has been in the news lately. A lot actually. But most recently, the Chinese government has been pretty vocal about the recent Nobel Peace Prize going to one of their political dissidents.
China’s Ambassador met with Norwegian officials today to express his government’s outrage at the Nobel Peace Prize commission’s decision to award this year’s prize to Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese dissident who is currently in prison. Norway responded that its government doesn’t get to decide who wins the prize.
Now, most of us thinking folk know the Noble Peace Prize is a farce. I mean if Kissinger can get the Peace Prize, and Al Gore and Barrack "I'm in the middle of three wars" Obama can too? Well, that doesn't really say anything positive about the prize now does it? It's obviously a political thing that's elites do to pat other elites on the back, for whatever reason, whether it be to give one of them some positive PR or boost their international clout, and it has nothing to do with peace. So, it's also entirely possible then, that this latest peace prize was intentionally given to Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese dissident who is currently in prison, to piss off and disgrace the Chinese government.

But let's not stop there. We also have George Soros going off on the Chinese economic policies.

Mr Soros, the hedge fund manager best known as the man who broke the Bank of England” after he made a billion betting against the value of Sterling on Black Wednesday in 1992, said the China had created a “lopsided currency” system.

He criticised China for deliberately keeping the yuan - its currency - low in order to keep exports cheap, which is hurting US competitors.

Ooo those naughty naughty Chinese. Doing what's in their country's best interest and not the US's best interest. Tsk, Tsk.

Now, here's where it gets weird, but bear with me. Everyone has heard about all the strange UFO sightings going on over there in China. Airports being shutdown, etc. and so forth. And recently, this video has been circulating around the internets showing some sort of weird flying thing over Chinese skies.

Now look at that thing. What could that possibly be? Here's a thought:
A chance December 11, 2007 release of a photo on a Chinese website has led to a rare unofficial “declassification” of a new Chinese unmanned test space plane.[1] Designated the “Shenlong,” or Divine Dragon, this small aircraft was shown suspended from the fuselage of a Xian H-6 bomber and launch aircraft. So far there has been no official Chinese government, PLA or Chinese corporate or space program related disclosure about this program. However, from this photo and other Chinese sources, it is possible to conclude that the Shenlong constitutes a second Chinese air-launched space-launch vehicle (SLV) program, but for the purposes of testing technologies for a future re-usable unmanned or manned space shuttle or other trans-atmospheric vehicle.
Now, I don't know much about this stuff, but Mike Rivero of does, mostly because he used to work for NASA, and according to him, it's possible that this light trail might be from some sort of spectacularly advanced flying machine that flies above the earth's atmosphere, i.e. in space, that is reusable and is way more advanced than anything the US has done in years.

So, the thought I have is, "What if the Chinese have just kicked the US's ass in the space race?" And, "What kind of narrative would be manufactured for the US public?"

And here's the narrative:

Portray all the funny lights in China's skies as UFO's and NOT as highly advanced, space-flight capable machines that the Chinese built, vilify China's economic policies which actually made such scientific advances possible in the first place AND, just to really stick it to them, embarrass the fuck out of them with a Nobel Peace Prize given to their most loathed dissident.

It practically writes itself.

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