Monday, October 18, 2010

I agree with Bill Maher: High fructose corn syrup is fattening up and killing Americans and we are idiots to continue its use…

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…and even though I cannot affirmatively prove that they are the first to do so I believe Pepsico deserves a medal (not one of those congressional gold medals awarded to heroic or highly energized civilians having the nations best interest at heart. The congressional gold medal was forever tainted and, in my mind, stripped of any value as an award since Herr Field Marshall bush the lesser and the least, handed them out like candy to people clearly supporting his criminal conduct in office) for not using high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in its new soda Sierra Mist and going the natural way by using sugar-real sugar!-in their new soda Sierra Mist. It tastes delicious and somehow 'lighter' than sodas with HFCS. I love it.

At first I wasn't sure if I would like it, being your typical HFCS addict and junkie, but by the time I had finished a second one I was convinced that real sugar tastes better, my bodily systems kicked operations up a gear, I feel better, and I'm consuming way, way fewer calories than before.

I also think this was a very savvy move by Pepsico. It is well documented that 30% of Americans are already too obese to act as cannon fodder for the warmongers who really rule the country, the Pentagon, and I'll wager it won't be long before we see government intervention and limitations placed upon the use of HFCS in our foodstuffs and drinks. (Haven't you wondered about the militaries intense push for more drones that can be piloted by any decent video game player, and why the 'Future Combat Systems', based upon technologies not now in existence but primarily, again, designed for more remote control or computer-guided methods of killing, maiming, and in general, the ability to slaughter, conduct genocides with even less trouble than today, and displacing or destroying millions of people we don't like or that have the audacity to tell the truth of what America is doing to the world.

Foreign leaders we refuse to negotiate with made outlandish comments about us and shit, we want to throw nuclear weapons at them, isolate them, embargo them, and generally do things that hurts the innocent populace and does nothing at all to affect the leaders. Maybe we'll develop a new weapon based upon HFCS so that we can make the rest of the world grow as fat and lazy as 30% of Americans. (BTW, when did we forget, and apparently stop teaching the old saw, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me?")

The Pentagon has identified this 'fattening of Americans' as one of the most dire problems facing the military. You can give a pass to criminals, foreign nationals, and people whose conduct reflects moral turpitude, but fat? No way, man.

HFCS should be place on a list of banned substances as food additives before we lose yet another generation to their sweet tooth and the super high caloric content of HFCS. It's like an irresistible drug.

Bill Maher has been saying things like this for years. It now appears that he was not only entirely right about the deleterious health effect of HFCS, but that other people, especially soda and food producers, have finally begun to listen and act.

It's about time.

Ciao, bella ami.

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At 12:43 PM, Blogger Cynthia1770 said...

Was going through some of my old emails and found yours. Interestingly enough, your is dated oct 19, a week before Dr. Goran's team at USC published their
study in the journal Obesity that revealed bottled soda can contain as much as 65% fructose (which is 18% more than what the CRA claims they are using to sweeten Coke and Pepsi.)
I have been preaching that since
HFCS is only a mixture of fructose and glucose that the CRA can manipulate the fructose:glucose
ratio anyway they please. This is in contrast to sucrose, a disaccharide of fructose linked to glucose, which can only be 50% fructose.
Bill Maher may be right.


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