Monday, November 22, 2010

"Well I can tell by your rusty zipper and the yella stains on your boots…

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…that you either still have a bladder infection or a teabagger/gop problem. Either way ya got a problem. One is easy to handle with a regimen of penicillin, the other, apparently like a lingering infection of penicillin-resistant gonorrhea carried by and passed about among the teabaggers and gop-ers who cheat on their wives, mistresses, teenage boys and girls, and half-crazed, mutant, family-only bunny rabbit-like rapid breeders, and those who breathe through their mouths.

The gop-ers are already back-peddling and beginning to back away from the teabaggers, something I very much wish they would not do unless they continue with their ridiculous desire that Sawah Pale-one be their presidential candidate in 2012. I believe all Americans owe it to themselves to pledge to do everything within their power to insure the Pale-one is the candidate to which all the religious right-wing nuts, bigots, racists, misogynous, homophobic followers are sure to pledge their loyalty.

In 2012, switch parties briefly in order to vote for Sawah's nomination and then change back at your voter's registrar's office or simply vote against every republican on the ticket, starting at the top. Tell every pollster that might call that your rootin' tootin' fer sure voting for Sawah, no one else can save us.

gop-er leaders are ready making their contributions to enshrine Sawah and erect statues in her honor with all the brick-shitting they are doing now at the very though of such a scenario.

So get the word out that it's Sawah all the way and help a hardworking comedienne, Miss Tina Fey, continue to prosper leading up to the election and Sawah's crushing defeat (and no, "crushing de-feat is NOT a new big brave hunter's trick to disable wolves by crushing their feet so they can only hobble, and therefor, make an easier target of the wolfs to be shot from the safety of small airplanes in order to live as our ancient ancestors did).

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