Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt: The Aftermath

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My favorite image. Don't know where its' from though so I can't give credit. Wish I could.

It's wonderful to be an Egyptian right now. They succeeded. They got Mubarak to go. But, as we all know, the Nation State will not be denied. It will continue. Already, the media is taking charge of the dominate discourse. There is some potential with youtube and twitter to subvert this, but what you see in the coverage is the legitimacy of a person (Mubarak) has eroded, but the legitimacy of the Nation State is still upheld. The movement has been validated and now the power structures will take over. Even though they will have a 'democratic elections,' they will still be choosing a leader, and they will still be choosing that leader from a handpicked few, handpicked by those in power.

The most wonderful thing about what happened in Egypt is that it was leaderless. The PEOPLE did it, and right now, they are empowered. They don't need a Nation State. Nobody does. It is shame that at the end of this process, the PEOPLE will give up their power to a leader, one most likely chosen by the already existing power structures.

The King is dead. Long live the King.

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