Thursday, February 03, 2011

But hey, look at how stirred up (I think the word is "incited") people are getting all over the place courtesy of the teabaggers…

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…whom somehow have discovered the secret to releasing their oral death-grip on the particular teabag they happened to be sucking on and taking all that energy to continue wreakin', freakin', tweakin', and creatin' the mayhem and misery that is their stock in trade. They have become so expert at sucking that blowing hot air gives them both respite and the time for large groups of teabaggers to string together a grammatically correct sentence of more than four words, provided those four words have nothing to do with honesty, commonsense, nor morality.

Let's showcase a fine example of how mean-spirited, cruel, unpatriotic, stupid, shortsighted, and foul these bastards are:

1: The teabagging-rethug-gop-ers were just days ago crowing from the rooftops that the House had succeeded in repealing that awful, communistic, socialist, Satanist health law of the despotic, wanna-be-President/Dictator/Muslim sympathizer Hussein Obama and his surreptitious democratic health care co-conspirators. A teabagger-rethug-gop-er activist judge managed to declare the legislation unconstitutional and thus ensured that 33 Million more of their fellow Americans, the mortal enemies they wish to crush, see driven before them (into the Gulf of Mexico if it's still there), and to hear the lamentations of democratic women as they, their children, and families die horrible deaths choking on the oil the teabaggers-rethugs-gop-ers are all too happy to provide at any cost.

The reason for the overturning of the statute? The courts claim that the government cannot force people to PAY for that insurance!

2. Within two days these same teabagger-rethugs-gop-ers proposed legislation that would not only require EVERYBODY to have a gun, THE LAW STATES CITIZENS HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW! PRECISELY the grounds that merited overturning health care reform. AND citizens would have to break their already-stretched budgets to buy very expensive guns!

Now, now. I don't want any teabaggers out there to drop into their characteristically insipid and rapidly disappearing intelligence mode (as if they ever possessed any intelligence in the first place) and start talking that wild-eyed crazy bat shit that the governments (federal and state) can't and don't make citizens pay for everything the government does, i.e., taxes for infrastructure, licenses for hunting, driving a car, licensing a car, boat, or motorcycle, getting a driver's license, sales taxes on virtually everything that is bought or sold, food, gas, electricity, water, ever higher tuitions to pursue a decent education. Hell one of their major sources of income are the fines, levies, and assessments ordered everyday by courts just like the courts where this teabagging piece of shit judge sit, and thousands of other like-minded jurists breathing our air in their sandcastles in the sky and trying to figure out how to tax oxygen.

Hello…hello…anyone home? bueller…buellar…bueller…oh hell, he's out with his girlfriend so we can levy even more fines, penalties, and he's having unprotected sex so his girl will become just another welfare queen driving her 1973 Buick down to pick up her Midas-like check and blow it on all the many, many drugs we have to bust her on now and in the future when she buys her state-ordered Cadillac at taxpayers expense. She'll be a permanent cog in the government money making schemes run by the courts that rule against her and her family.

What? Say it can't happen? Shit it was the God of the rethuglican party, Ronnie Raygun, that identified this existential threat to our republic. And everyone knows he was just kidding when, on national television, he admitted trading military-grade weaponry to TERRORISTS in order to get the Iranians to hold all the hostages so Ronnie would become a mythic, god-like…no…better than god-like statesman when immediately after Carter left office all the hostages were released on inauguration day after Ronnie was erected…uh, ELECTED, that's it! The erection came later when he was alone in the Oval Office…and he didn't need no Monica!

This is a neat little paradox or dichotomy or paradoxical dichotomy or whatever. Never could get the relationship of those words. It'll be fun watching those teabaggers talk out both sides of their mouth at the same time, dontchaknow.

Ciao, bella ámi.

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