Wednesday, February 02, 2011

This is what fascism looks like

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When the government does the bidding of large corporate interests, then folks, you have fascism. The big sports corporations, the NFL, NBA, etc., have called on the feds to shut down sites that stream their sports.
The seizure of the site is particularly controversial because Rojadirecta, a Spanish site, was found by Spanish courts to be operating legally. The domain's closure has been accompanied by a spate of other crackdowns by the government: Other sports-streaming websites such as,,, and have also been seized by the authorities. It's a controversial move that comes just ahead of the Super Bowl.
Honestly, can the number of people who actually 'ripoff' the big monied interests be so great that this was necessary? No, of course not. It's like the mythology behind illegal music downloads. Not that much music was downloaded and in fact, downloaded music led to more legitimate purchases of music.

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