Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Is it just me or does America appear to be…

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…ass deep in every revolution taking place around the world? The Middle East, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, South America (Our cocaine suppliers), Afghanistan (Our heroin dealers), South Korea, India, Pakistan, China, Russia (nuclear suppliers and the latest source of angst for the fear-mongers) and pretty much anywhere else the shit is flying you will find American troops, knowing it is bullshit, holding their noses and following the vile and repugnant orders issued by the vile and repugnant leaders they must serve.

Somewhere over the last sixty years the asses running our government have failed to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way and let someone competent take their place.

They (teabagger-gop-ers) speak of the need for a highly educated work force - which they will have to import from China, India, and other countries that REALLY educate their citizens.

They claim to have better health care options - as former Rep. Grayson properly identified it: the republican health plan, first, you get sick, then you die.

They don't even bother to speak of peace. No, they will bankrupt the country for defense spending first.

Now Arizona wants to split into a separate state. I say no, make them their own country subject to visa requirements, trade agreements, ambassadors, and make them deal with the USA strictly as a foreign country and not with the benefit of being the "51st" state as they desire.

They want to break away from the union, LET 'EM, and don't allow them to reenter our union for any reason whatever. Let 'em become a Mexican State, the closest foreign border (I am not being flippant here).

That's just my opinion.

Ciao, bella ámi.

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