Friday, March 18, 2011

The ten most miserable states of America…

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…and the political party that runs them.
1. West Virginia - Earl Ray Tomblin (D)
2. Kentucky - Steven L. Beshear (D)
3. Mississippi - Haley Reeves Barbour (R)
4. Arkansas - Michael Dale Beebe (D)
5. Alabama - Bob Riley (R)
6. Ohio - John Richard Kasich (R)
7. Delaware - Jack A. Markell (D)
8. Nevada - Brian Edward Sandoval (R)
9. Louisiana - Bobbie Jindahl (R)
10. Michigan - Richard D. "Rick" Snyder (R)
I compiled this list from two sources: one I no longer seem to be able to locate regarding the ten most hurtin' states in America and here, a list of state governors.

So six of the ten most miserable states are under Republican governors. HEY! That gives them a majority in misery.

Way to go teabagging-gop-ers.

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