Tuesday, April 25, 2006

From the 'Don't they have anything better to do!?' department ...

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Bill would make sale of sex toys illegal in South Carolina

Associated Press
I'm so happy the AP assigned their crack reporter Adcox to this story, it's exactly what the bill needs;-)
[...] The South Carolina bill, proposed by Republican Rep. Ralph Davenport, [ED: Now why was I so sure that only a republican would advance this bill] would make it a felony to sell devices used primarily for sexual stimulation and allow law enforcement to seize sex toys from raided businesses.
People convicted under obscenity laws face up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
5, count them five years in prison for diddling in/with commercial plastic. Now that's what I call a seminal legislation.
South Carolina law borrows from a 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling to define obscene as something "contemporary community standards" determine as "patently offensive" sexual conduct, which "lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value."
And this is where I have to part the folds of this ruling. (Maximum disclosure: I've employed these 'devices.' Just because one might not be up for the occasion doesn't mean your partner should go away sad;-)

Personally, if you're reading this blog you know I'm no judge of what counts as 'literary', but I think certain acts have definitely been ... uhhh ... shall we say performance art! And political!? Sheesh, keeping the gov't out of your bedroom is political. 'Scientific'? Let's just say I was doing a study, a longitudinal study.
Davenport, who is from Spartanburg County, did not return several messages Friday to talk about his bill, which was introduced last month. No other legislator has signed on as a co-sponsor and its passage this year seems unlikely.
So Davenport couched his terms sofar from the mainstream that even repubs didn't find it palletable and couldn't divan why he strayed from their platform!
[...]The sheriff's office there seized movies, sex toys, sexual-enhancement pills and surveillance tapes from two businesses in January.
"We're focused on the hard-core magazines, videos ... the hard-core porn," he said.
Ohh, I just bet they focused* on those items! Those poor cops ... forced to seize toys and watch porn while they handled the evidence. I bet they had an immediate grasp of the situation, and after a few brilliant strokes discharged their duty.

*Focus? No foc you!


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