Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This COULD be innocent. Then again...

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When I read this article that says menstruating women should act like they're about to get pregnant at any moment, something in the back of my head (and no, not my scar) began to twitch. It could be innocent enough, it could even be good advice.

But then again, perhaps the Powers That Be know that soon, abortion will be illegal (and if they had their way, so would contraception) in which case, there will be A LOT more unplanned pregnancies and unless women are constantly prepared to be pregnant, that means a A LOT more babies born with birth defects and other issues.

Call me cynical....

Update: If you're a subscriber, read Russell Shorto's "The War on Contraception" in the NYTimes May 7 Sunday Magazine. THEN tell me there's not something to what I'm saying.


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