Friday, May 11, 2007

Nice work if you can get it

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For an undercover cop in a strip joint, how far is too far?

One Seattle cop reported that he grabbed an exotic dancer's breasts several times as she gyrated in his lap.

Another undid his belt for the dancer grinding against him -- allowing her to slide her hand into his pants.

A third paid $100 to a stripper for four lap dances in a row as he tested whether she'd offer sex for money (she didn't).

"This is not a bunch of guys going in thinking this is my chance to get a free feel or a free peek," he said. "That's not the case at all."
In 2005, a Seattle police detective said he had purchased 300 lap dances during a five-year tenure in vice in a report to the City Council on strip-club enforcement.
"Honestly, I don't feel that there were any inappropriate actions on the officers' parts," Metz said. "They were forthcoming about what they were doing and very detailed in their descriptions ... and I certainly don't feel the officers tried to hide anything," he said.
Of 103 cases filed in Municipal Court since 2003, only eight resulted in convictions, usually with a deferred jail term.
My snark escapes me, (note to self: get a better lock for the snark), so I'll just point out that any city that can afford to spend $7,500+ for just one vice cop to get lap dances to handle misdemeanor busts [sic], must have an amazing budget.

p.s. My fav line in the article: "Volunteers come from the department's narcotics unit, anti-crime teams and patrol"
What a great sense of civic duty! Give the boys in blue a handjob!

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