Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome to my world

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A semi-typical email trail between me and Mr. Vidiot:

> From: Mr. Vidiot
> To: The Vidiot
> Subject: Another
> of my insights, you will like this:
> Voluntary associations (occupational associations to Durkheim) such as
> religion unite men to a common public opinion influencing their
> worldview (again, to Durkheim, a collective consciousness). To
> Tocqueville, religion heavily influences ideas that in turn form public
> opinion that results in the creation of laws, mores, and, in short,
> "habits of the heart." This notion of public opinion is central in a
> democratic society. People are placed in a position to make societal
> decisions, important decisions once made by authoritarian rule. Public
> opinion, influenced by religion, takes the place of authoritarian force
> preventing democracy from despotism. Public opinion rules man and
> religion informs public opinion.

> From: The Vidiot
> To: Mr. Vidiot
> Subject: RE: Another

But then isn't the authoritarian force, by proxy, still making the
societal decisions?

> From: Mr. Vidiot
> To: The Vidiot
> Subject: RE: RE: Another

No authoritarian force is replaced with public opinion. Public opinion
is a new authoritarian force. In other words, societies with both
authoritarian rule and public opinion are totalitarian. Both authority
and public opinion have power over and above the individual. The
individual must conform to both or be crushed by its weight. Public
opinion as a form of democracy is a common misconception. Instead of men
obeying authoritarian rule, they obey majority opinion. The moment they
go against majority rule they are crushed just as in authoritarian rule.

This is not Tocqueville talking, it is me. Post this. Have a comment.



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