Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lying just for the sake of lying and concealing an obvious truth…

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…which is what Petreaus is once again doing, lying that is, to cover his boss' ass and mislead the country as to the truth of his new optimism that serious numbers of troops could be returned home this fall.

See this article from the NYT titled, "Generals See Hope for Troop Reductions by Fall.":
The American military commanders in Iraq offered a cautiously optimistic picture of the situation there on Thursday, seeing the possibility of troop reductions this fall and no need for the United States to take extra security steps for provincial elections a half-year from now.

“I do believe that there will be certain assets that, as we are already looking at the picture right now, we’ll be able to recommend can be either redeployed or not deployed to the theater in the fall,” Gen. David H. Petraeus told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

And Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, who will soon succeed General Petraeus as commander in Iraq, said he did not foresee a need for extra troops to guard against violence around the time of the Iraqi elections.
Just a tad duplicitous and more outright bare-faced lie being foisted off on a public that knows better, isn't it?

I am just going to throw out some info here that can easily be confirmed using the google: bush and current military leaders have so over-stretched our military that it is close to being completely broken, equipment levels so low replacement will be impossible without massive infusions of even more borrowed money, officers and senior NCOs leaving the services in droves, waivers being given to large numbers of convicted criminals in an attempt to keep up manpower levels, and repeated warnings from flag-level officers that we cannot possibly continue to sustain both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without greatly increasing the size of our military forces without expending hugh sums in enlistment and retention bonuses or, failing to achieve their goals in these ways, reinstating the draft.

There is no choice in the matter, the JCS has repeatedly and publicly stated that America cannot possibly continue to try and maintain current troops levels without facing defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even the Pakistanis recognize that we are bogged down in Afghanistan just as the Russians had been for twenty years and at extreme expense. Pakistanis know we cannot achieve success in Afghanistan and have made pacts with the Taliban and other elements America considers terrorist groups and will be of no further help in combatting al-Qaeda or the Taliban.

So for Petreaus to allege that because things are going 'so well' that he can begin sending troops home this fall is a total fabrication, a deliberate attempt to again deceive the American people by failing to reveal the truth of how badly our military has become depleted in both troop levels, equipment levels, the foolish desires of bush to embroil America in yet another war we cannot win, and the fact that most of the recently retiring flag officers have definitively stated we cannot maintain this level of commitment without disastrous implications for our military services.

Therefore there will be troop reductions for which bush will tout success, not total incompetency, a broken military, and a genuine belief on the part of many that we face defeat on two fronts simultaneously with a third defeat on the way.

Lie just to lie for the sake of lying to and concealing from the public the criminal manner in which our forces have been abused.

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