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Part of the reason America is no longer, and may never again, be the most innovative country on the planet…

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…from the Huffington Post comes this article titled, "Creationism In US High Schools: 16 Percent Of US Science Teachers Are Creationists."

ABC News reports on the findings of a study that concluded 16% of U.S. science teachers are Creationists, and that, disturbingly, one in eight are teaching creationism as a valid science:

Despite a court-ordered ban on the teaching of creationism in U.S. schools, about one in eight high-school biology teachers still teach it as valid science, a survey reveals. And, although almost all teachers also taught evolution, those with less training in science -- and especially evolutionary biology -- tend to devote less class time to Darwinian principles...[…]

However, a quarter of the teachers also reported spending at least some time teaching about creationism or intelligent design. Of these, 48 percent -- about 12.5 percent of the total survey -- said they taught it as a "valid, scientific alternative to Darwinian explanations for the origin of species".
You cannot educate a child and expect him/her to be competitive with students in more advanced countries that are receiving classical educations in true sciences and not the voo-doo, religiously based and biased educations being given to so many of our youth.

America will never again be on a level playing field when it comes to educating engineers, scientists in any/all fields, or even general scholastic knowledge with so many of our schools and teachers, inculcated in, believing, and teaching the Creationist culture of doubt, disbelief, and utterly discredited (at least in my mind) courses in evangelical 'science.'

And for any and all that want to argue this point logically, think of this: Man has been a 'hunter/gatherer' since the beginning of the species and has left the world much art to illustrate their world as they saw it.

There are ancient drawings everywhere depicting man, man hunting, man gathering, living in tribes, war, ancient mariners, etc. It seems that man was destined from the beginning to record as much as they could of men's lives, the animals they hunted and interacted with, portraits, and after paint and canvas came along, ya just couldn't stop the painting of current events, landscapes, people, the stars, and so much more.

The first dinosaur bones were, if I remember correctly, first discovered around 1815 or so in Paris, France, and turned the known world on its figurative head, setting off searches planet-wide to find out more of these creatures of the past. 1815 to now is obviously well within the 6,000 year period that Creationists try to claim that man and dinosaur coexisted.

I call utter B.S. on this.

If man and dino had coexisted, where is the artwork depicting the terrible monsters roaming the earth, where is the art showing the epic battles between man and monster? Where are the dinosaur hides that would have been taken for trophy, ceremonial wear, and display? Where are the various heads of velociraptors, T-rex, and triceratops mounted for tasteful display on the hunters walls? Just how many men did it take to bring down a brontosaurus?

Why is there absolutely no mention of dinosaurs in the greatest work of fiction ever passed off onto a gullible peoples, the Bible?

Creationism is so obviously false it defies credulity and teaches our children things that never happened, could not have happened, and does so without a shred of any empirical evidence as mentioned above. Where ARE the hides, the heads, the weapons which would have been made of the hugh teeth of many dinosaurs, or even the dandy custom carved, ornate but deadly clubs fashioned as weapons from the hugh bones of some dinosaurs?

Where are the depictions of entire tribes fighting for their lives against creatures that would have been so numerous it is highly doubtful man would have survived at all. Dinosaurs would still be roaming and ruling the earth, eating the curiously small mammals who would attack them for food or hides for shelters. Where are the vast piles of bone clearly showing the teeth-marks of hungry man?

Why are no dinosaurs depicted on the walls of the great pyramids, in the ancient cave drawings, where are the descriptions of teaching how to corner and defeat creatures that were little more than eating machines that ruled the earth for 125 million years (and Creationists only go back 6,000 years or so).

No logically thinking and considerate man or scientist would miss this utter lack of any shred of evidence that man and dino coexisted, and I challenge any Creationists to prove me wrong by providing the passages in the bible, the Koran, ancient hieroglyphics, cave art, or any other method known or unknown to man that in fact do depict events such as these in any recognized form of communication and that can be dated to a certain period.

And if you are still naive enough to believe such an unbelievable hypothesis as Creationism, well, I've got a dandy mounted triceratop's head and lovely carpets made from genuine T-rex hide suitable for use in any abode that I'd love to sell you.

If we teach our children poorly, fill them with totally false 'science', and short-sheet their educations in so many ways, America will never again be the innovative, inventive, leading society it was during the 20th century.

Just another corrupt attempt by radical evangelicals and others whom arrogantly refuse to believe we descended from the apes, but one that does an insidious disservice to our children and country when they teach, knowingly in my mind, lies instead of real science.

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