Monday, September 29, 2008

On the Existence of the Illuminati

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I know, you see the word Illuminati and you go, "Oh, brother." Don't worry, I do too.

But that's not my point. I watched a youtube video (Here's part 1 of 3). All three parts is just under 30 minutes of viewing, so it's not a lot and I guess I wanted to get a sense of what they were all going on about. Basically, the video says that there is only one ruling bloodline split into 13 ruling families and it's these bozos that basically run the whole show and that now, they are in the final stages of converting the whole planet into the new world order and they will do so through financial collapse, mass human die-offs and all sorts of other bad things.

Now, I will admit that there are human die-offs and that finances are collapsing, but I don't believe there is a secret cabal making it all happen. For one thing, that gives some people way too much credit. I mean, we all know plenty of people and too many of them would be incapable of orchestrating much of anything. It doesn't follow Ockham's razor at all.

But mostly, folks who believe in things like the Illuminati or the Free Masons don't really understand how the logic of institutions works. Before I met Mr. Vidiot, I didn't either. It takes a sociologist to explain it and not all of us have access to a sociologist.

In the video, the guy said everything from poisoning our food and our air and our medicines has been created to kill us off. While it can certainly seem like that, the truth is that it's the pursuit of profit that is doing those things. It's cheaper to make crappy food, it's cheaper to run bad tests on medicines and while I can't really guess at the business aspect of chemtrails, I'm sure there is one. Maximizing profit is the sole reason behind just about everything that business does.

Think about it. We live in a capitalist system. That system's sole motivation is profit; to generate profit. Though we, the people, created that system, that system now has a life of its own and we no longer even recognize that we created the damn system in the first place. The logic of that system is to maximize profit and to do it at the expense of everything else. The system doesn't breath, so mucking up the air is no problem. They system doesn't eat, so poisoning food is no problem.

Now, you may think, "But people run these things and they have to breath air and eat food" and that's true. But they didn't get to their positions by considering the consequences of their actions. They beautifully function in that system, they fit like a wheel in a cog, like a piece of a puzzle, they just snuggle right in there and do what they do, naturally and without much thought. They've been molded by the system and so they are as unable to change what they do as, say, a tire on a car. You'll not see a car tire, on its own, doing anything but what a car tire does. It's a tire. That is all. A business exec runs a business. That is all. (Until he stops doing what he does, then they tie him to a tree and use him as a swing.)

THAT is the logic of the system. The system manufactures profit. People within the system function as facilitators of that logic. There's no mystery there. But people who don't understand that, well, in an effort to understand how this world can be such a mess, how we can have so much war and disease and bad food and polluted air, because PEOPLE obviously don't want such things, they tend to point fingers at people they can't see. They think, "It MUST be orchestrated. Somebody must want this to happen. This stuff couldn't just happen." But it CAN just happen and it has. It's a mighty big leap in thought to realize that it CAN just happen, just because that's what the system does.

We are so disconnected from the products of our labor that we can't see beyond them. People have to realize that they created the system and only they can destroy it. It's this haze we're all stuck in.

About the only thing that video got right was the solution. The solution is just don't participate in the system. Just say, "No." It's hard to do. People will think you're nuts. But it is really the only way to do it.

And a perfect time to start is now. If (and more likely when) this bailout plan is approved, we should all remove our money from the banks. That's it. Just withdraw your money because you don't agree with what happened and you refuse to let them play that game with your money. (Now don't get into semantics, I know that money is a system and that by even giving it power, you're participating. But I'm talking baby-steps here. Getting rid of money is much harder than just not playing the game.)

It's a small step, but a meaningful one.

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