Sunday, October 05, 2008

Headline: Citigroup Says Judge Suspends Wachovia Deal…

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…from the NYT.

So it begins.

Like dogs fighting over the last scrap of food we can sit back and watch Big Banks savage each over the scraps of our broken Socialist Financial Sector. Wasn't Wachovia supposed to be one of the last banks standing just a few weeks ago? I wonder how much of th' pot o' gold Leprechaun Paulson will give these banks to relieve them of responsibility for their own debts so they won't be unduly encumbered?

After all, when billionaires run their businesses into the mud who can they turn to except we taxpayers who pay and pay and pay with very little asked for or provided by our dysfunctional government.

I wonder if I call and say I'm a broke billionaire if Paulson will send me a check in a great enough sum to buy a new Maserati?

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