Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Not to be all doom and gloom but....

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While we weren't looking, while we're obsessing about our economy, something much more nefarious, more dangerous and potentially more devastating is brewing in Pakistan.
As the United States steps up border raids into Pakistan, troops from both countries have commenced a deadly game of brinksmanship. Although aimed at asserting each other's military presence along the Pakistan-Afghan border, the skirmishes risk outright hostilities.
Remember, Pakistan has nuclear weapons. And the US has been thumbing its nose at Pakistan's sovereignty by attacking tribal strongholds withing Pakistan's borders, and by doing that, it is causing a lot of backlash against the government of Pakistan, which COULD cause a collapse of that government. What would happen THEN to all of those nukes? Has anyone in this administration given THAT any thought? I doubt it.

Exit plan? Bah. Who needs one of those?



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