Monday, October 06, 2008

Anyone care to make a wager?…

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…that the states that apply for federal relief money will be told to go screw themselves?

After all, this is the Bush Billionaire Bailout Bill for Wall Street, so I am certain that states like California (Govahnor Ahnold) and Massachusetts will be told, sadly of course, that this a FEDERAL bailout of Wall Street and if the individual states are going broke they shouldn't have so recklessly squandered their state taxpayer's money.

I mean, these states aren't even wartime profiteers! The nerve of their chief executives! Wanting part of the 700 billion dollars, partially being paid for by every taxpayer in their very own states.

Shocking, shocking I tell you that members of the United Socialist States of America expect help from the Socialist Czar bush und his Field Marshall General for Bankers Henry Paulson.

Now, if the states are willing to cede complete control of their state, to include all their resources, industries, and people to the Socialist Czar bush, that MIGHT be worth considering.

Any takers?

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