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I'm shocked, shocked I tell you ...

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Bump & Update: Ms Sparky commented over at that other blog I contribute to on my post about KBR's dangerous lack of ethical, moral or electrical standards. And it turns out she has been there and done that:
I’m Calling You On Your Crap … KBR!!!

KBR, you had many many great electricians that have supported our troops since 2003. Many great electricians who wanted to do a good job and do the right thing. Many great electricians who stood up and tried to defend doing the right thing. And what did you do? You totally disregarded them. Totally disrespected them. They were labeled as troublemakers. They were threatened to be sent home. They were sent to crap jobs as punishment. If given a chance, these great electricians may have been able to prevent the deaths that have occurred.
Unlike Ms. Sparky I've never worked in a war zone. But I do know "If you don't have the time to do it right, how are you going to find the time to do it over?"

And I also know if we're going to ask our troops to risk their lives fighting they shouldn't have to die in the shower when they get back to base.

Just the comments on her blog would be a reason enough to link to it, (notice the new addition in our sidebar), but her knowledge and passion about KBR and the fraud they perpetrated on Americans and the deadly conditions KBR knowingly and systemically exposed our troops to makes it a must read.

Original post:
Military improves education on electrocution

The U.S. military is creating an electrical code for U.S. facilities in Iraq as part of an effort to prevent future electrocutions in Iraq. The deaths of at least 18 U.S. service members and contractors in Iraq are under investigation as possible electrocutions.
The letter also spells out other actions taken to prevent electrocutions, such as creation of a media campaign to educate soldiers about working with electricity. Petraeus said 86,000 facilities are being inspected, and it will be next year before all repairs and improvements are made.

Petraeus added, "All leaders understand the urgency of completing the required actions."

One of the soldiers killed was Green Beret Sgt. Ryan Maseth of Pittsburgh, who was electrocuted in January while showering in his barracks in Iraq.

In a statement, Casey praised the changes, but said he'd like them to be implemented in Afghanistan as well.
There's so much wrong here it's hard where to start.

I'll start with Petraeus saying "All leaders understand the urgency of completing the required actions." Well, no general, if leaders like yourself understood the urgency then they wouldn't have waited to implement these changes since last January! They would also implement them at EVERY US military base. And if it was 'urgent', they really shouldn't have tried to cover it up.

And it's not like Sgt Maseth was the only one electrocuted in a shower built by KBR.

Second, I'd just like to mention that THERE IS AN ELECTRICAL CODE THAT EVERY ELECTRICIAN IN THE U.S. IS REQUIRED TO PASS A TEST BEFORE THEY GET A LICENSE! Oddly enough, it's called the National Electrical Code.

(Sorry about the shouting, but I've worked for electricians and I've hooked up distro for major concerts. The mistakes that had to be made for the incidents described in the reports have been known, and mandated, for civilian workers for over 50 years.)

Third, there's one basic rule about working on electrical equipment: Turn the damn electricity off before you work on the equipment!

Which obviously wasn't an option for Green Beret Sgt. Ryan Maseth.

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