Wednesday, October 08, 2008

If there was a patriotic bone in their bodies, which we all know there isn't…

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…then george w bush, dick cheney, henry paulson, and ben bernanke would all fall on their swords, bite the big one, and then promptly RESIGN.

I truly believe the markets would turn around, or at least start to turn around, immediately. What good does it do to give the same people who created this disgraceful debacle even more taxpayer money to try to fix this problem when the entire world knows that as long as the above listed people remain in office the same problems will continue?

Now the stock market is down below the level Clinton brought it up to. The Dow stood at 3310 in 1993 when Clinton took office. When Clinton left office the Dow was at 10,940.50, a total increase of 230.5%, with a compound average annualized rate of return of 18.6%.

And that brings me to another pet peeve of mine. What's wrong with electing SMART PEOPLE president. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, studied at Oxford University, and genuinely understood how many different things had to come together to gain the synergy needed for progress.

By contrast, McPain finished 894th out of 899 fellow classmates at the Naval Academy. Obama finished fourth in his class at Harvard Law School and was considered intelligent enough to become a PROFESSOR at that law school and I believe he, too, understands the workings of government to bring back the synergy of the Clinton years.


And as to the debate last night McLame demonstrated his ignorance of financial affairs by saying the last president to raise taxes in a time of peril was Herbert Hoover!

Reagan raised taxes. g hw bush raised taxes. Bill Clinton raised taxes and provided America its greatest decade of prosperity. And I'm reasonably sure other presidents than those named above have also raised taxes.

Yet, sure enough McDummy is talking of reforming Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid which has to be scaring the bejesus out of all our senior citizens.

Had the GOP had had its way and privatized SS, by now the poverty rate would have tripled, or more, the number of seniors living below the poverty level.

So can we please elect the smartest guy in the room, Barack Obama!

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At 7:57 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

By golly, gosh durn it! We're expected to have leaders that, uum, ya know, is actually got some smarts!?

Maybe smarts ain't the best qualification ... but it should be the first one.

There are a lot of smart people who shouldn't lead the country. There are no stupid ones who should.

And willful ignorance is the worst kind of stupid.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Because a smart person probably wouldn't have the patience to sit around and drink a beer with any idiot who thinks that being able to have a beer with a guy is a good enough reason to vote for him.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Yer both probably right, but it don't hurt to dream does it?


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