Monday, November 10, 2008

Miscellaneous Headlines Giving Hope to America…

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…all headlines from the Huffingtion Post about the Sarah Palin, new heroine of the failed and rejected form of government called the Republican Party or the GOP.
Not My Fault: Palin Points Finger At Bush Administration For Election Loss
Palin Refused To Go On Stage With Pro-Choice GOPers
Palin Calls Her Critics "Jerks," "Mean-Spirited," "Cowardly"
Glamour Editor Compares Sarah Palin To Martha Stewart
Oprah To Palin: You're Now Welcome Any Time
Brown Defends Palin Against McCain Scapegoating: "You Picked Her!"
Palin To Speak About McCain Aides In Fox News Interview Airing Monday
This is becoming comical beyond belief. If the radical right does choose to keep Palin as their spokesman and candidate for the 2012 election, the Democratic rout of 2008 will simply appear to be the prelude to totally and forever smashing the republican party and driving them into the wilderness for decades to come.

I love it. But I also have a few words for those republicans in the House and Senate who barely managed to retain their jobs. Remember that if you maintain that plan of blocking everything with filibustering you should remember that any republican obstructionist can be named each time he or she blocks good legislation so their constituents don't return you to office in the 2010 or the 2012 elections.

The republican form of non-government regulated, free market managed, Reaganite trickle down economics has been forever discredited and the American people both know and proved it with their ballots this past election.

And the Democratic Party what's in charge should make republican actually hold true filibusters and knock off that "gentleman's agreement" BS and MAKE THEM FILIBUSTER! See how many of those old men are ready to stand on their feet for the hours and hours required to actually filibuster.

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