Sunday, November 09, 2008

Watch for the coming "head explosions" and be careful not to get splashed with gooey stuff…

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…I'm having so much fun watching the "talking heads" of tv and radio trying to aver that this is still a "center-right" country and that Obama had better remember that as he leads us.

What a crock of crap! The reason Obama won is that people were sick of the center-right status quo with the rich and ultra-rich running roughshod over the needs and desires of the backbone of America, its citizens. If anything it was a complete repudiation of everything for which the republicans have come to stand for and no amount of denying it is going to change that.

That idiot bush barely squeaked out a victory both times he ran, yet claimed to have a mandate from the people to do anything he wanted. Well, Obama so totally blew away McCain/Palin in a manner that can leave no doubt that Obama has a genuine mandate from the people to undo the damage of eight years of republican/bush rule and restore sanity and a sense of purpose to America.

It won't hurt Obama at all to institute "left-wing" policies that watch out for the poor and do the things government is supposed to do best: be a financial engine that inspires creativity, educates its citizens, withdraws us from costly and foolish wars, and places the needs of Main Street (I hate that term but it does describe the middle and lower classes) ahead of Wall Street, with all its billionaires who need bailing out because they couldn't manage their own finances. If we're going to create and hand out jobs let's rebuild this country from the bottom up, the way is was originally done, by providing jobs with good wages, secure jobs that pay enough so that both parents in a household aren't forced to work two jobs and consequently have real problems educating their children.

No senior citizen or person incapacitated by illness should ever again have to debate whether they eat a can of cat or dog food or take their medicines tonight. No person that is ill should have to worry about seeing a doctor.

But that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.

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