Friday, January 02, 2009

I hope he's taking a list and checking it twice…

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…to figure out whose been naughty and haughty, and who has shown proper deference to a newly elected president.

This comment is inspired from a headline on the Huffington Post/Political Page:
Republicans To Flee DC For Obama Inauguration
What a demonstration of class! What a great way to show contempt for American voters! What a way for the GOP to continue their toxic blend of politics!

What an easy and stupid way to relegate yourself (if you're a politician) to political obscurity in the face of changing headwinds of American politics!

I LOVE IT! Go GOP! Show the world how disrespectful, ignorant, arrogant, and just how much being in office and having NOTHING to show for it just because "you lost an ewection." (This last sentence covers the use of Viagra for all the old white men that dominated the country for way too long!)

So hurray for Republicans cutting off their…uh… NOSES, yeah that's it, cutting off their noses to improve their appearance AND make friends and accumulate power in both their home state AND the Congress/Senate.

Hurray for finally showing just how much (which is very little, if any) CLASS that the GOP possesses!

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