Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main…

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…I found a perfect example of the republican hatred and bile-spitting in the in a section labeled Gene Pool (don't know it that's just a title or author, sorry. Bill)

The question: What other bad stuff is Obama secretly responsible for, and why?

Check out this reply from "Karen 2009," quoted verbatim:
Karen2009 wrote:
So,will you Socialist Democrat Cowards and
Obamafreaks tell me,where the Hell was your Hero & Messiah,President Nancy Pelosi
Trainee Commander in Chief of the US Miltary,Barack Hussein Obama our very own
Coward in Chief Little Neville Chamberlin
and Jimmy Carter Love Child,and his screwy
two face worthless Sec of Defense Robert
Gates,and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
US Navy Admiral Fallon and his Chief of Naval Operations,when these Somali Pirates
Captured this Cargo Ship with an American
Crew and where the Hell were the NATO Naval Task Force and Our Own US Navy when
it occurred? Asleep at the Switch Again!

So,will Peacenik in Chief Obama go apologize to these pirates for our American Crew kicking their butts and send
Obama's Terrorist Lover US Attorney General Eric Holder to award a big cash
payment or what? Its time to Impeach the
Loser in Chief AWOL President Barack Obama
and Fire Sec of Defense Robert the Obama
Butt Kisser Gates,Courtmartial Chairman
of the Joint Chief Adm Fallon and Fire
the Chief Of Naval Operations and Go Kick
these Pirates Puny Butts! Enough Is Enough! Obama Must Be Impeached and Removed From Office! What An Total Damn
Embarassment our Coward in Chief Obama really is,face it you Obamabot Cowards!
Ya just can't make this stuff up - unless you happen to be one of those traitorous republicans.

What, did this person expect Obama to parachute onto the deck of this boat and wipe out the enemy as Bruce Willis playing John McClane would?

republicans. Nuts. Traitors. Fools. Idiots. Fill in the blank _____________________________.

Number of attacks by the year here and hear:
2003 - 445
2004 - 329
2005 - 276
2006 - 239
2007 - 263
2008 - nearly one a day
Gosh, let's try to remember who was president during those years - oh! oh! oh!, I remember now! It was a republican traitor who failed to do anything about these attacks.

Oh, well, Karen 2009, ya just can't blame Obama for the inactivity of your republican god, gw bush. I can almost see you as a supplicant prostrating yourself, feverishly praying for the return of Satan's servants on earth, the traitorous republican party.

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At 7:42 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

I LOVE her! Can I invite her to dinner?!


At 10:56 AM, Anonymous bill arnett said...

I hear she's "engaged until 2012.


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