Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh, isn't it lovely…

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…to hear, IMO, bigoted white men like Jeff Sessions (Is he the one from 'Mutt and Jeff?'), Pat Buchanan (who absolutely sounds like a rabid dog as he hyperventilates discussing her), and every other gop talking head on television doing their best to savage Judge Sotomayer while seeming to forget entirely that it was one of THEIR OWN, George the Lesser bush, that originally appointed the Judge to the bench?

And ain't it wonderful to watch the further self-destruction and complete meltdown of republicans as they alienate more and more Latinos and persons of Hispanic descent while simultaneously reminding our large and diverse Black citizenry of America that they remain only a breathe away from being themselves condemned, ridiculed, and marginalized by republicans who hide their prejudices in their heathen little minds, a smile on their face, and a knife ready to stab them all in the back at the first opportunity they believe they can get away with it?


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