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I feel pretty and witty and gay

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Georgia Grad Student Sues University Over Gay Sensitivity Training

Jennifer Keeton Says She Was Told to Change Her Christian Beliefs or Be Dropped From the Program
David French, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund and also director of its Center for Academic Freedom, told that the lawsuit on Keeton's behalf is one of about a half-dozen similiar cases involving counseling or social work students in the last few years.
Hmm, David French, where have I heard that name before? Oh wait, I remember:
Eastern Michigan U. student's lawsuit is dismissed
Julea Ward says she was removed from Eastern's counseling program because she refused to counsel gay clients, saying she believed homosexuality was morally wrong.
Alliance Defense Fund attorney David French says the group will appeal the decision.
Oh where to start ... I'll start here: Jennifer Keeton wasn't told to change her beliefs, she was just told she'd have to attend sensitivity classes. And if she didn't attend them she couldn't complete her studies.

That sounds reasonable to me. They didn't ask for her to change her beliefs, they just asked her to attend more classes.

Julea Ward also failed in her attempt to get a degree so she could impose her religious beliefs on the public.

That also sounds reasonable to me.

Look, if you're going for a geology degree, and you think the Earth is 6000 years old, you flunk. Because you can't do your job.

If you're a pharmacist and you refuse to sell condoms, or any other legal BC, you flunk. Because you can't do your job.

Frankly, if your religious views make it impossible to do your job? Find another job.

By bringing their doxastic errors into secular professions they are imposing their religion on others. The 1st Amendment doesn't work that way.

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At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Now, if she was trying for a degree in pharmacy, how does "sensitivity training" -- in other words, passive brainwashing -- prevent her from imposing her religion on somebody else ... if she later insists on not performing her contracted, job description, she simply gets fired (as has already happened in case-law)!

And geology? If she passes the tests that (among other things) asks her how old certain strata are and she answers the questions correctly, you mean, because she also proclaims some fantasy belief in Jebus, that she must -- above and beyond -- perform sensitivity training?

Sounds to me like religious discrimination in that, because she belongs to a certain faith, she must basically "pass" a sensitivity test that requires her to deny her own religious beliefs, BEFORE they allow her to graduate.

Forcing people to pretend changing their minds only makes them bitter.

Okay, so she's always been taught that male butt-hole banging is a "sin," and that female gaydom is also morally wrong. While I don't think buggerdom is a sin, because of my young education, I still think that it is quite nasty. However, it doesn't also mean that I want to crack a few "fag" skulls, or otherwise prevent them from travelling the Hershey Highway.

I also feel that gays have a right to equally imprison themselves with a marriage contract.

Unless the university requires ALL students to get "sensitivity trained" for ALL sexual orientations (I've known some gays who thought that hetero-coitus was wretchedly awful, should they be sensitivity trained?), just doing it for the Christianites is also religious discrimination.

This student has the right to "view" the various aspects of the human condition any way she wants. It doesn't mean that she's going to illegally discriminate against anybody because of her religious training.

Everybody knows that the law is the law.And when their religious beliefs interfere with their lawful compliance? ONLY THEN should an educational program be allowed to challenge their religious beliefs.

It seems to me that his educational forum is trying just a tad to hard to require compliance with its own, preferred, social engineering program.



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