Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The circle of insanity now seems complete when…

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…the MSM cites a new poll this morning showing that 77% of respondents thinks the tea party is not going to be able to run the country or solve its problems while 11% thinks they would be just peachy-keen.

When a poll shows that 77% of people don't trust in a political party isn't the existence of that party moot and highly unlikely to have their candidates win many offices? 11% favorability isn't enough to get a person elected to dog-catcher is it?

Personally I think the teabaggers will be a real spoiler in this election. They will draw the votes of the hard core mouth-breathers who would ordinarily vote rethuglican and I think the split will be large enough to help get more democrats elected, not fewer.

Thank goodness that even if they do enjoy some success their small numbers will make it impossible to do the severe damage they wish to do. If they ever achieve a majority they will end America and turn it into a police state with anyone allowed to carry a gun anywhere, they will destroy equal rights, end health care, reverse Roe v. Wade and prohibit a woman from even aborting the child resulting from a rape or incest or that jeopardizes the woman's health, and end all legislation requiring equality among all.

I do believe it is that simple: stop the teabaggers or be ready to be enslaved in a few short years. The death of America is at hand anyway, the teabaggers will merely hasten that death.

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At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wholly unaccountable electronic voting infrastructure is what will "allow" (or be used) in order to let the minority tea-bagging brain-dead gain power. From there, THEY (and the rest of us) will complete OUR enslavement.

The master of the computer-manipulated voting machine (iow, its collaterally possessing corporations) is what needs to be opposed and terminated with extreme prejudice, not those hapless tea-baggers.

After all, as Stalin insisted, it's not the voters who determine elections, it's the vote-counters.


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