Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some comic relief

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Sure, we nerds might be healthier in the long run:
UW Sociology professor Pamela Herd found that the better a study participant did in high school, the less likely he or she was to experience poor health as they reached retirement age.
But, still, people keep trying to piss us off and we all know how stress can ruin one's health.

(And I have to say, this image really does bug me on so many levels.)

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At 3:41 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

B-b-but that's Nathan Fillion!, one of my all-time favorite actors. When I got zapped with radiation I credit him, partly, with saving my life. There is nothing more debilitating (that I am aware of, and I've livid through my share of pain) than a rousing round of 5,800 rads of radiation in four shots through my neck and jaw daily, total, over a span of six weeks. Dropped 65 pounds I did (this is NOT a diet recommended by this writer, VidiotSpeak, our non-existant sponsors, or anyone with a lick of commonsense). I always did my best to try and continue to lead a normal life for the sake of my family so in the morning times when I felt fairly good we'd eat breakfast (They ate, I drank a Sustacal or Ensure), mess around a while, and then turn on the Soaps. When Nathan joined the cast, 1994, he was a riot. Great Actor, fantastic comedic timing, and a dance routine Nathan did with Dorian Ward (Robin Strasser) was the funniest episode I ever saw but really put Nathan on the map for me.

After One Life to Live finished I'd grab the keys, hold the door for my precious lady, and off we'd go for radiation treatments. When I would come out of treatment I could barely walk, and tho' it no doubt cost them some big bucks the staff unclamped my head and allowed me about ten minutes to slide my legs off the table, stand leaning on the table until I could reorient myself, we'd see the doc, pick up a new full prescription of morphine (they gave the stuff to me like candy-no one 'cept me and the family expected me to live) and then my most beautiful wife would drive me home. I cannot tell you how many movies we went to in 1994. For me it was out like a light before the movie started and Mila waking me up while closing credits rolled. But I'll never forget OLTL and Nathan Fillion as Joey.

Josh Whedon, who dominated the WB with Buffy and Angel, was totally stupid to put Firefly on Fox. The WB would have easily given him as much time as needed to build an audience for that show (just as they did for Buffy) and I will always regret Whedon's decision 'cause of my
respect for the talent of this man.

If there are to be anymore Starwars movies a better choice for Han Solo could not be found.


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