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"Our thoughts go out to those impacted…" The White House (according to MSNBC)…

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…IMHO (oh, all right, I've never been humble about expressing my opinion nor do I consider my opinion to be humble), there could not be a more mealy-mouthed, evasive, non-expression of grief absent any mention or acceptance of responsibility by federal or state, so-called, authorities. Maybe somethin' more like this:
To Gabrielle Giffords, her family, friends, those innocents engaging in civil discourse, their families, friends, and those expecting to dump off responsibility for this travesty of justice and blame a clearly mentally ill man that has long been the subject of many queries and investigations by your local schools and so clearly unfit to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Armed Forces that he was rejected, despite the thousands of waivers given to convicted dope dealers, violent offenders, gang members (most of whom were required to kill someone to join the gang) convicted criminals of almost every stripe, and others that, historically, would also have been summarily rejected as unfit to kill in the name of the United States of America.

Each and every partition of government that viewed, dealt with, spoke to, and observed this obviously demented man FAILED YOU, not for any good nor acceptable nor even necessary reason except that every branch of this formerly great country and government and most every arrogant elected or appointed asshole has become so engaged in consolidating their maniacal base of power to engage in international warcrimes, clandestine murders ordered with all the conscience, pride, and dementia of Hannibal Lecter that NO ONE in or of the bigoted, radically, racially, and socially effete snobs of the 'better than thou' rightwing government of Arizona nor anyone in the federal government could get off their hairy asses to protect the very person of a DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE or the innocents of Arizona, being so consumed with puffing up their emaciated minds and bodies trying to outlaw people different than themselves that they CHOSE TO DO NOTHING; accessories before the fact these diseased despots willfully, deliberately, and shamelessly permitted this to happen as surely as if your governor and state legislature, all harbingers of hate, had purchased the high-powered guns, high capacity clips, and devastatingly destructive ammunition and then with malice aforethought taken aim and started shooting.

Had this sick, sick man vocalized targeting a teabagger-gop-er representative the site of this tragedy would undoubtedly have been blanketed with trigger happy guardians of the status quo just itching to open fire and show the world how well rethuglicans protect, harbor, enable, and provide security for their fellow rethuglicans and just how easy it is to conspire, create, and then watch their political enemies die from GOP malfeasance in office and their willing, criminal negligence, BUT YOU'LL HEAR NO APOLOGIES NOR ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY FROM ANY BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT OR PERSON THEREIN.

You will instead hear every rehashed, mealy-mouthed excuse and the pointing of fingers at a demented man identified previously and repeatedly by those responsible for your safety who chose to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut rather than fulfilling the duties for which they were elected or appointed or hired to do. The games of denial have begun, the law enforcement authorities, military recruiters and others will obfuscate as much as they wish until the attorney who has apparently lost every death penalty case she's handled, i.e., Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, and others, loses this case and society as a whole cheers as a mentally ill man is put to death as a salve for the collective conscience or confine under circumstances in which he is totally unable to protect himself from political zealots already in a prison or mental institution that will kill him to curry favor for a possible pardon.

So, my fellow Americans, the dead, the wounded, those traumatized for life, possibly, as your president it is incumbent upon me to tell you now and with certainty that America is now and for the foreseeable future, perhaps forever, UNGOVERNABLE. NO ONE IN FEDERAL OR STATE GOVERNMENT GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT BEING REELECTED IN ORDER TO CONTINUE THEIR PERSONAL CRUSADES TO ACCUMULATE THE POWER NOW AND FOREVER TO SEIZE YOUR FORTUNES, PERSONS, THOUGHTS, DREAMS, AND ASPIRATIONS AND THEY WILL KILL YOU, WHETHER THROUGH ACTION OR INACTION, TO REMAIN IN POWER, SO Y'KNOW WHAT? FUCK ALL OF YOU. DO NOT ask for nor expect the apologies of this openly rogue group of power mad politicians more willing to pick your pockets, shame, embarrass, or kill you than any government in American history AND YOU ARE POWERLESS TO STOP THEM OR US from doing as we fucking well please.

Any questions? MSM puppets…newsreaders…Bueller…Bueller…the republican with the high powered assault rifle…anyone…anyone?

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At 10:48 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

Bill, I couldn't have, and didn't, say it better.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Thank you, my friend. My head is spinning so fast it provides the only gyroscopic-type support capable of holding me even partially steady.


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