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Representative Gabrielle Giffords shot in head, 9-year old girl among others killed- And now,…

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…you fucking evil, mean-spirited, wicked, arrogant, instigators-of-violence-by-praying-to-whatever-putrid-and-foul-deity you lying pack of hyenas making-up the republican, teabagger, GOP, conservative, religious rightwing tools of social disintegration, tyrannical assholes of wartime regimes bringing home the brutality, viciousness, and utter insanity of political assassinations as you have practiced time and again; the hundreds of thousands murdered in war crimes in the Middle East, and the millions displaced in one of the greatest man-made debacles of all time and the repeated calls by by teabagger-gop-ers to "ensure Obama fails," the calls to carry arms to Obama rallies, the baseless charges equating Obama and the Democratic Party with socialists, Nazis, fictional characters such as The Joker of Batman lore and fame (can any of you differentiate between fiction/fictional characters and REAL, LIVE, PEOPLE EVERY BIT AS ENTITLED TO EXIST, SPEAK, DREAM, HAVE FAMILIES, AND WORK TO HELP AMERICA AS ANY OF YOU JERK-OFFS?)

And to any/all who would purport that by these very words I, too, am debasing the FORMER American tradition of open, civil, political debate as much as the GOP you are entitled to hold any inaccurate or wrong opinion that you wish:
I am not now, nor will I ever be a holder of elected office.
I am entitled to my opinion, right or wrong, appealing or repugnant.
I do not call for, wish to see in operation, nor condone political assassinations or attempts in America or outside America, whether it is "ok'd" by our president or not, clandestinely or publicly.
I have no power to write or repeal statutes allowing or prohibiting the carrying of guns by citizens in public places where emotions in this charged political environment may, and can, result in senseless shootings and murders.
I do not have the bully pulpit of a president or the pit of slime occupied by teabagger-gop-ers in Congress to play the MSM for the fools they are.
Not once, re-read and check, have I ever called for the death of any person, but,
I sure as hell advocate for the immediate dissolution of any political party shown to be advocating political assassination in any way, shape, or form, and no matter how benign or ridiculous appeals for "killing, shooting, assassinating, threatening, attempting even by innuendo to bring about an assassination," (doesn't that sound obscenely stupid on the face of it? To tolerate ANY repeated calls for violence?)
Yes, yes, of course I know how we will hear of mentally ill kids, out-of-control-crazies looking for infamy, coulda happened anywhere (THAT much is true) and I know I'll only feel more and more sick at heart upon hearing the mealy-mouthed excuses for mindless butchers driven to vent their incomprehensible madness upon the innocent.

And the sham calls for action from the teabagger-gop-ers will ring as false as their preening and posing and lamenting the loss of a political enemy ('though, of course, no one in that party will be forthright enough to point out to the public that,"…the democrats just lost a vote in congress!" and, "…thank our lucky stars we can cancel that stupid vote on the even more insipid and violence provoking bill the title and subject of which is overturning the 'job-killing health care bill'; killing, destroying, ensuring failure of a sitting U.S. President, openly advocating his death, and stoking crowds to a killing frenzy by using the language of provoking war against a foreign force instead of seeking peace by reasoned, sensible, and productive debate to benefit America.

Not fair to only blame teabagger-gop-ers? Name the last democrat you or anyone else can name and provide the citation where any democrat ever called for the assassination of a republican in the last 170yrs or so. Say since Lincoln was assassinated. Name any prominent democrat religious leader ever calling for a presidential assassination.

I'm pissed. I do so hope many of you are as well.

My heart goes out to the families of Representative Gifford, the several dead and wounded, and especially the mother and family of the nine year-old child senselessly gunned down - in a state moving forward with legislation to ACTUALLY PERMIT students and teachers to CARRY GUNS TO SCHOOL, courtesy of the teabagger-gop-er gutless cowards that will never admit their duplicity is a large part of the root cause of this incident. Merely voting to enable and, to my mind certainly, exponentially increase the numbers of such attacks by placing guns into the hands of their lunatic fringe base should alone be sufficient to revoke the charter of the political party advocating such insanity.

Prepare yourself for much regurgitation as you witness the crocodile tears of teabagger-gop-ers that will affirmatively state and argue this incident happened because there weren't ENOUGH GUNS for a citizen to have shot the perp and "stopped" the slaughter of innocents their words and deeds inspired.

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At 1:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right now, the current HNIC of Westwing stature, has ordered American assassination rings to extra-judicially "take out (eupahmism for murder)" BOTH foreign AND US citizen targets under the presumption that they may be "Taliban" or Al-Quaida, or somesuch.

While slaughtering many of these targets, Barry has also racked up the violent explosive death of a tremendous number of collaterally annihilated, non-combatants. Peace Prize winner my asshole.

Meantime, while this brain-fried handjob who just shot Giffords may well have got some of his talking points from our corporate media's cabal of religiously insane talking heads, somehow, I don't see Obama (or anyone in his administration) as alternatively being a legitimate spokesperson for any "moderation" of this form of conduct or any other plea for "civility." Right now, mass-murder IS a proven accomplishment in Obama's resume.

Obama's own constitutionally (yeah, I know, the more recent events involving tea-bagger referrals to the Constitution have made ALL demands and other comments for Constitutional faithfulness archaic) faithless conduct merely confirms him as a separate-but-equal, presidential participant of America's White-House war crooks club.

Anyway, regardless of what the corporate media is pushing, I think that the real target here was the judge who got pasted. I believe that, upon learning that the judge was going to be unprotectively present at this event also attended by Giffords, this schizophrenic handjob had summarily been dispatched (by taxi, no less) to the scene to first shoot the important people, and then continue killing until he was "martyred." Since the martyrdom didn't happen, Loughner's limited knowledge of who his real handlers may be could pose problematic to whatever "cause" really sponsored him, but he seems to be just too much of a marginal drone to put any real deep-cover conspirators in danger.

As it is, both politician and judge may have also just been sufficiently "namebrand" celebs that became casually availble for some more devious, shadow-government sponsored, "anti-firearm (or perhaps, free-speech)" black-op.

In today's America, the obvious ain't always necessarily so.


At 1:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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