Friday, December 31, 2010

Grim Tales for the New Century Fairy…

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… The First Few Days After Christmas

‘Twas a few days after Christmas and the house was quiet as a dead mouse,
Though it was to be expected; it had been foreclosed upon by some banker louse,
Who snidely told the evictees that being unemployed they didn’t deserve a home,
“So just go back to the homeless shelter and pray there remain some bones,
Leftover from the Christmas repast of vermin, roaches, bedbugs, maybe even a grouse!”

Each year the numbers of the financially-challenged poverty class continues to grow,
The rich grow richer faster than before, looking ahead to profits that never slow.
As usual there will be a group of softhearted, touched-in-the-head troublemakers.
They refuse to belief that not all people are malingerers, not all are welfare queens and takers.
“Bah! Humbug! Next election all America will know the true path these people follow!”

The hungry keep getting more hungry as they eye their medicines and cans of various food,
Mulling their chances and deciding whether to choose between two things, both good,
Forced to choose between death from untreated illness or death from slow starvation,
The rich won’t care, don’t bother them, it’s unseemly and rude to disturb the rich on vacation,
Despite the mounting death rates for babies and dead veterans stacked like cords of wood.

It is easy to see the rich teaching the fate of every boy; teaching them women are toys,
With phony GOP claims that Democrats are bringers and doers of “evil” and out to “destroy!”
republicans, are using ancient methods found to be tried and true by gwb and Big Dick Cheney,
Breaking men’s minds one gray matter whorl at a time till it is wet, gray, mushy and grainy,
Look there! 2012 storm clouds already spinning faster to ready and steady the running boy.

Then come’s the elected’s swearing in, oaths to protect America and Americans are made again,
Oaths we now know without doubt will never be kept, partisanship overrides country and kin,
535 people now have jobs with generous benefits, vacation, medical care; all are ready to fly,
No airplanes to go buy, this corporate option must be enough, how would you pick and why?
I’d pick a Radio Flyer Wagon with four Secret Service Men to push me uphill again, my friend.

Until they drop like flies.

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