Friday, December 31, 2010

Grim Tales for the New Century Fairy…

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Today my Daddy came home happier than a long, long time, a smile on his face.
Standing tall again, a glitter in his eye, a look toward Ma, she teasing him by concealing herself with lace.
Demurely, her skin flushing that special red color denoting arousal of sexual kinds,
That very special shade of red that end’s with the rending of clothes, out of your mutual minds,

They called each their love, speaking as lovers till he called out in climax her beautiful name,
She slid from the bed, lay down her garment, slowly, with erotic grace, till it came into view,
An .870 Remington shotgun she fired and fired, killing him dead, turned, bringing children into view,
She told them, “It’s Frederica! My name is Frederica! Is it too much to ask?” she asked as she slowly slid to the floor, sweet tender calls to, “ I begged thee, please God, my name is Frederica.
Frederica! FREDERICA, not FRED you dead bastard! Dead! Oh! Oh, if Frederick could only have remembered my name!”

NOTE: I thought I'd try something different: I cannot dance, my singing kills small animals, the only beings that hang off my every word are all Boston Terriers (they are a riot!), I'm nowhere near a world class athlete any longer, I can no longer pursue, catch, and incarcerate bailskips, and, frankly, I have been having lots of writer's block lately, accounting for the paucity of my writing lately.

In addition to these Grim Fairy Tales for the New Century I am open to suggestions submitted by our readers about different issues to which you might want another point of view; I'm here. I cannot guarantee I will address the specifics of your issue (some just require too much research), but factually or funnily, I will make every attempt to entertain you - especially if you bear in mind my extreme constant pain and the effects of all the drugs I am prescribed - and taking - and a special thanks to all those who chose to completely ignore them (as I wish I could!). Enjoy yourself, be happy, and drop me a line in a comment section if you'd like more.

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