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Physician Heal Thyself…

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…as Bill's medical and mental health physician I follow the postings he makes here at VidiotSpeak as a vital diagnostic tool to ascertain whether he is on an even keel, so to speak, or whether he is a more likely to have left a sail hanging overboard, slowly filling and sinking the ship of state of mind from the adhesive property of water molecules slowly 'climbing' the sail through the miracle of osmosis, only to continue its trip downward, after death threats from the Gravity Union, through the sail into the boat itself. After an undetermined length of time requiring a separate determination of the determinative nature of this undetermined length of the determined time for this process the boat sank.

My name is Horatio Hornblower Luxuryyacht, Rhodes Scholar, graduated top of class from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Penn State, and Ohio. I attended, though I did not graduate, several all women universities. I received my several Phd s in Ohio when there were tin soldiers and Nixon coming to my graduation ceremony that was interrupted when a car backfired and the National Guards killed several hundred thousand college students, including Raul and Fidel Castro of children's TV fame (F-I-D-E-L C-A-S-T-R-O, FIDEL CASTRO, Fidel Castro, long may you live in memory, born on a mountain top in Tennessee, killed him a bar when he was only three, he and Paul Bunyan sure chopped down a lot of trees, until an injury to their ACLs blew out both their knees).

I will give you an update on his condition and his prognosis, yes, yes, YEAH, YOU IN THE FUCKIN' CORNER! Whatta you want? Wow, that is a very good question, but, no, we don't think years of wild partying, debauchery, orgiastic sex parties, heavy drug use, and rapid withdrawal of drugs used for decades to calm him had any affect at all. Although Bill did quit smoking, having sex, using drugs, and drinkin' alcohol for the helluvit, and now tells me it was absolutely the scariest twenty minutes of his life. Next? Oh, thanks for that question, but no, Bill has no knowledge whatever that he is I and I is he and we are all together. We can all poo-poo any other opinions on Bill's mental health except to say that he can't locate it at this time We are certain it will turn up as soon as he removes all the excess business cards from his wallet so he can get his wife's number and ask her where it is. This may prove to be time consuming since Bill, like Ronnie Raygun, will soon announce his complicity is trading Smores for hostages in the Smores-Contra administration of the goofy old pricks at the GOP Headquarters.

Next? Bill likes to blow off steam by singing in the rain when its plain Spain will not give us rain or good drugs again and again and that causes him much pain. What's that, Bill? Oh, awright, does anyone have any drugs with them? Bill never does them unless he is alone or with someone. O, Yeah, it's true - and he never lies unless he is alone or with somebody either. Hey I ought to know, being one of the three of us

Last question - that rockin' hot, hardbodied, obvious wild child there on her knees…uh…yes, Bill is available tonight but if his hard-on remains for more than four hours you must promptly call the hospital to get three nurses or more there to help beat his manly member into submission. Last time we went through twelve nurses before the Kraken was called to drive it away because Bill don't play that; it's so embarrassing to watch professional nurses reduced to babbling, quivering, satiated, sweat covered, and totally wild sex fiends. Sex Lives ruined forever. How tragic.

The reason I called this press conference is to confirm that Bill, me, and I had been without the drugs that protects us from panic attacks, anxiety paralysis, and all sorts of crap because the VA pharmacy told us in… October? that we we had no refills. Through the miracle of compound time we were able to land our ship long enough to get the meds but still escape all those nurses. Boy! Time must fly when you're that high.

But to fill in the gaps and say that which could not be said before I had to relearn the language, having forgotten both Swahili and pig-den Latin, which I/we had heard was a dead language but no one can tell us where its fucking buried and we have seen no definitive, or non-definitive newspaper reports on the matter. Anyway, after further reflection and before the mirror broke we just wanted to step back through the looking glass, which is smaller, more elongated, and has a tighter crawl space than the typical mirror to reassess our reassessment. To connect our ravings of late and attempt to show how my twisted mind still possesses some modicom of intelligence and insight

Sick people, those truly sick, can only partially control criminal urges. This is because even a sick man recognizes sick cops that TASER without necessity and use the TASER to torture. Torture has been brought back, clandestinely at first, notoriously, well known now is that our leaders order surreptitious assassinations, kidnappings, and torturing citizens who cannot be proven to have committed any crime 'cept self-defense or being Muslim. gwb also ordered extreme torture, lied about it, was found out, and these heinous acts continue under Obama. Drones are launched with Hellfire missiles that inject true hell into wedding parties, village gatherings, children's birthday parties, and even people just walking down the street. The United States became the laughingstock and major disappointment to countries unaware that we had no intentions of honoring their laws, our laws, several treaties, and the world learned that America is no longer an honest broker of peace and instead now commits warcrimes so horrific hundreds of thousands of people died and millions more were displace from there ancestral homes by America and its armed forces.

Domestic police, as I described in my earlier ramblings, follow the example of their leaders and thus torture, too, demand immediate response and if they respond 1/4 second late you can depend on being beaten and shocked senseless by every cop on the scene. The perp here is clearly insane as all personal accounts of people who knew him state; he will not be convicted because he is clearly insane and easily slipped through the system because though people were afraid and thought him looney, no one to the time to report him to authorities who may have been able to intercede.

No help from the schools, none from his parents, so the opportunity presented was guaranteed at least partial results; the police could not possibly respond swiftly enough to stop this entirely and the perp knows it. He will enjoy the trial as one witness after another is forced to tell they thought him crazy. IT's true and will resonate with a jury.

Unknown to police or mental health authorities his actions are further provoked by teabagger-gop-ers and their excessively puerile mentality."There (was) a killer on the road…His brain (was) squirming like a toad…Take a long holiday…Let the children play…If you give this man a ride sweet families will die…Riders on the Storm(The Doors).

So every component of this tragedy was obvious to SOMEONE along the way…but none acted. The stage set, the execution of its elements were all too easy to carry out, and ALL society is to blame. I/we/Bill wanted to complete our analysis.

His parents didn't help him; the schools didn't help him or ID him to the police; army recruiters who rejected him but, again, did nothing. The politicians are too busy with their dual monologues to have a proper dialog, the media megaphone, to me, have never helped anyone so no safety net there. A logical progression leading to murder and mayhem. A straight line to my eye; causes and effects.

Forgive me, please, for not making that clearer, though in the small fraction my functioning brain I saw repeated a scenario we have seen time and again and will see again in the future. If more people trained themselves to make intuitive calls as to whom exactly is dangerous, we would all sleep easier.

NOTE: I know I make a lot of drug references. What can I say? I'm a genuine sixties hippy and grew up in that era where drug use was common, but more common still was the humor generated by people like Cheech & Chong, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, SNL (original cast), and on and on. I found that type of humor funny then and, if properly executed, funny still. I personally take far too many serious and deleterious prescription drugs to use street drugs that would blow up my heart, chop off my legs and throw them into the fire, enable me to leave the planet, or something; I forget which. But those are the only drugs I do, period.

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