Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To my brother from a different mother…

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…I send my condolences for your loss. I had feared something disastrous had happened to that member of your family whose identity will remain anonymous as I would never break your trust by revealing it.

Instead I opened up the computer I had been ever so willing to abandon last week to find that you had been struggling with love found, love lost, love found again, then lost again as it seemed you were on a cosmic roller coaster spinning ever faster, ever closer to losing control as you hurled past memories, scenes of old, and yet still thrilled that the next turn of this maniacally cosmic 'coaster might still yet return your true love to you.

Alas, that did not happen, and your true love perished, my heart cries out with yours for a reason, any reason that it should be thus. It's not fair that you, my friend, should be denied the opportunity to see her just one last time so that you could express your obvious love for her with the hope and desire that she feel the same about you.

It is too sad that the finality of her death will forever deprive you of the opportunity to reconcile with her, to hear her voice caress your ears as, surely, your voice would have been equally caressing to hers.

Take heart my good friend and brother and cherish the moments when, in her presence, time and space were suspended, all laws of nature and science broken, and know that she, too, shared with you memories and the absence of anything else in life but you. during those close, intimate moments in time.

I will absolutely respect your request that no one call you, but I'm here for you bro, and so shall I remain. Call anytime, day or night, it makes no difference

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