Friday, February 11, 2011

The most amazing thing made evident by this recent upheaval…

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…in Egypt is that a nation state with really active citizens can accomplish more in a scant few days than America can get done after years of legislative party games, spinning the bottle (of Jack Daniels), filibusters that aren't filibusters, republican senators unafraid to stop all progress in America by using a senator's absolute privilege to put the screaming skids to any piece of legislation they chose, while chickenhearted democratic senators are seemingly unaware of this privilege or, for some reason, deathly afraid to use it.

The rightfully proud people of Egypt have disposed peacefully of a corrupt government supported by other corrupt governments such as the government here in America.

By showing unity, determination, resolve to change the status quo, even by violence if need be, these people accomplished a greater feat even than the creation of the United States of America - a change of power in a bloodless coup.

We Americans seem to have lost the ability to settle affairs, whether internal or external, without extreme talk of violence or installing a so-called democracy at the point of our guns, beneath our dropping bombs, our cruise missiles blasting lasered targets with pinpoint accuracy, committing genocide, and causing many of the worst human disasters in the history of man in the manner of war criminals seeking total annihilation of forces so much weaker than our forces.

It seems to me that in this regard the Egyptian people are, and were, better aware of the power of peaceful or relatively peaceful civil uprising in changing the course of governments and that they have comported themselves in a manner we Americans are no longer able.

I think all we Americans can hope for is that when the time comes, and it draws nearer everyday, that the teabagger-gop-ers believe they have a lock on our government and can run roughshod right over the will of the people that we Americans will have the courage to follow the example of the Egyptians.

But I ask you all to remember that we are Americans, that Americans live to be free of the harness of government, and that our government was formed by and for the citizens of our once great country and that we can only regain our prestigious position in the world by regaining control of our government and not by government controlling us for the evil ends of so few.

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