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The weirdest thing about living in the midwest

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Is the noticing the existence of chemtrails. I took these today.

This is the first one I took, driving west in I-70, so that would make it North West of St. Louis

This I took when I was walking the dog. That's North West of St. Louis, but it was blowing towards the East.

And just to show you that the aren't contrails like the government would have you believe,
just as I was talking the pictures, a regular passenger plane (the little black spec
nearly dead center of the image) flew by and, whaddya know, it wasn't spewing a trail

I don't know what they are or what they do. When someone says "Hey, I don't remember seeing crap like that in the sky when I was a kid back in the 60s and 70s," (Try it. Go look at some old family photos. You'll not find one chem-trailed sky.)the powers that be usually say, "Well, air traffic is heavier now. There's just so much more of it and that's why you see as so much of it now." Which, as I showed above, a regular airliner was NOT spewing crap.

Are they weather modification? HAARP? Military radar testing? Geoengineering? What's in it, Aluminum and Barium? Does Monsanto have anything to do with it?

I can tell you the first time I noticed them here was a day or so before that terrible snow storm hit the area. One possible explanation:
Before a storm there is a front, the front clears the air before a storm, pushing particulate matter ahead of it, leaving a space relatively clear of particulate matter. UV radiation levels rise in these areas, sometimes to dangerous levels. The shield must be maintained. Since barium absorbs water as well as carbon dioxide, precipitation has been affected. Other kinds of sprays are in development and testing which may reduce the affects on precipitation. As I stated above, this is a new technology we are working with, it is still in its infancy and there are some problems with it.
I'm not saying the chemtrails caused the storm, but I it seemed like an odd coincidence. I'll be curious to see what these line up with. Weather storm? Solar storm? Who knows?

They certainly are striking though. Didn't see that much of it in NYC. Sometimes I saw it, but it was infrequent and sparse.

Here in the midwest, it's huge and covers the entire sky.

UPDATE: Well, it could be because a solar storm is coming/has happened:
"On February 13, a faint Earth directed CME was detected. It was associated with a M6.6 flare from NOAA AR 1158, peaking at 17:38 UT and related to a type II and a type IV radio bursts. The CME is expected to arrive to the Earth on, or around, February 16. "



At 1:34 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Vanishing contrails are not surprising when you're close to both airports and military bases (Whiteman AB, Home of the Stealth Bombers).

Starting around 1960 or so a plane designed the year before began testing up and down the Nevada test/bombing range. They were soon be clocked by earthquake sensors that run up and down Nevada at speeds approaching 3,000 MPH; there was nothing in the military arsenal at that time anywhere close to that fast. In 1964 a new aircraft built to replace the aging U-2 (especially after Gary Powers was brought down in Russia) was surreptitiously placed into service. Over 8,000 attempts were made to shoot down this plane that flew right to the edge of space, all of which failed as the plane easily outran the missiles. It's sister ship, the YF-12, shattered the New York to Paris air speed record by completing that run in ONE HOUR, 12 MINUTES from takeoff to landing. The plane leaked like a sieve when ground-bound, but at cruising speeds and altitudes everything heated, expanded, closed all the leaks, the pilots in astronaut like suits with special sensors to pump air support (pun intended) to whatever parts of the suit that would keep the pilot from passing out from the g-forces this plane could pull during turns and just plain old acceleration. Windshield temps exceeded 650°. (I once, while working at Edwards AFB, CA, the Air Force Flight Test Center, watched a YF-12 fly l-o-w [maybe 300 feet] and slow until it got over the big lakebed, the Rosamond Lakebed, then hit the afterburners, turn straight up to the sky and disappear within 10 second on a clear desert day)

That plane, designed in 1959, put in service in 1964, was the SR-71, and one of man's crowning flight achievements, based in little old Marysville, Ca., and no aircraft ever lost to enemy action. The greatest spy plane ever built.
So with unusual contrails ya just don't or cannot figure out their source.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Didn't mean to get all maudlin and stuff, but man! What planes!

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Blackbird ... or as us TA types at Kadina Air Base called it, the "Habu."

I remember whenever that sucker took off while I was on duty (they kept two of them on the more restricted, leading edge of the runway -- Navy side) we watched it lift with a minimum fuel load, when it would then meet up with one of two previously launched air refueling craft (a quality-assurance practice) in order to "top off" its tanks (because of design limitations, it could only take off with a minimum fuel load).

The "Tactical" would then go fly over China or Russia or India or WHEREVER and return two-and-a-half or three hours later where I would be waiting to recover its "drag" chute, after it was released on the runway.

That aircraft was black, beautiful, and kinda' evil-looking. Interesting circumstances.



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