Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What kinda crap is this that some members of congress…

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…sleep in their government offices supplied to enable their work for their constituents. How many of the lower class citizens they represent are getting free lodging from one of the two or sometimes three different jobs they must work to support their families? NONE, I would wager.

These rich jerkoffs should be required to pay whatever the median, no, strike that, they should be paying the maximum rents paid in Washington in return for taking up lodgings in some of the most famous buildings and offices of all. They should also be taxed or charged the same or greater commuting cost as paid by the lower class employees they employ.

It is outrageous to me that these already rich bastards are seeking to stick it to the state with ever greater privileges that were formerly not even considered to be privileges. Let them pay their own way just as every other American has to do, and if they cannot afford rent in Washington, D.C., let them find a large refrigerator box, a vent blowing hot air, and let them sleep and suffer as far too many of their constituents must do.

This really ticks me off - we've already devolved into just two classes, upper class with tons of money and lower class struggling every day to try and make ends meet. As far as I can discern the middle class has gone the way of the dinosaurs - extinct.

Now comes this where these rich bastards who spent millions to get elected now want taxpayer-supported and paid for lodging in Washington.

My eye.

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