Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm so psycho

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Last night, Teen Vidiot wanted to walk outside, in the rain, to get a coke at the store. Now, I wasn't particularly freaked out because he has a cold and he'd get wet. Or that he had a ton of homework to do and hadn't even started it. (Well, both of those things did freak me out.) BUT, this time, I was more worried about him getting radioactive rain on him. He thinks I'm completely crazy for even thinking about it, let alone worry about it. And maybe I am. I dunno.

For one thing, every time I check EPA's radnet, the monitoring station for St. Louis mysteriously goes down when it rains. Now, knowing there is a ton of crap in the atmosphere, and that precipitation travels down through that atmosphere, makes me think they take it offline so people can't follow anything. Yesterday, we had a bad storm pass through here, and sure enough, damn radnet went offline. When I checked it during the day, when they finally DID update the info, turns out that during the middle of the storm, the beta gross count rate, which is the one you gotta' watch to make sure it doesn't get above 130 cpm, topped out at 150 cpm. That's not good. Here in the midwest, we're usually 20-40 cpm. 150??!! Nice. Granted, it only was high for about 3 hours, but still. Having elevated levels for any length of time, who knows what it's doing. (I know, how can I even trust their readings anyway. I mean, in all likelihood, the readings could be waaaaay higher ALL the time and they just take the meters offline to 're-calibrate' them.)

Add to that the fact that there is practically NO TALK on the MSM about any radioactive fallout and I'm more than a little concerned. (Seriously, not one word.)

Not that we needed any more proof of the fact that MSM is a corporate entity that serves its own interests over those of the public they are supposed to be serving, but seriously, if they really did provide a public service, along with the weather, they'd have "Tonight's radiological forecast" with information about what you need to do to protect yourself. Additionally, they'd be running their own independent testing of the rainwater, tap water and food stuffs and doing in-depth reporting on it.

Obviously, they don't do any of that so I have resorted to watching some guy on youtube who DOES bother, with his limited resources (yet, apparently, unlimited time) to parse and research what little information there is from various sources, in the US and abroad. I mean, he could be a complete nut job who barely knows what the outside world looks like and lives in his mother's basement, but the choices are few for real info.

And lord knows we don't want to leave me to my own imagination. Or, lordy, no.

So, until I hear otherwise, I've upped my vitamin C intake, I dunk my dog's wet paws in baking soda and water before she comes in the house, I scream like a shrill harpy at Dr. and Teen Vidiot, reminding them to take off their wet shoes and not to bring the wet umbrella into the house and I've stopped putting milk in my coffee.

Then again, Dr. Vidiot thinks we've ALWAYS been poisoned, things like this have ALWAYS happened, it's just that now, we have more access to information. He makes a pretty solid argument that things haven't changed all that much since March 11th because dozens, if not hundreds, of March 11th-type events have occurred and we were just never informed.

It's an argument I ignore, mind you. But it's a solid argument.

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At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you are kinda downwind from Japan, aren't you? And it has been a few weeks... In my childhood were were told not to eat snow because it might have strontium-90 in it from nuclear tests.


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