Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is this the 'great crash of 08'?

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I haven't a clue. What I do know is that Iceland's bank has failed and Russia is going to loan it money. Pakistan might go broke. (Fire sale on nukes comin' up!) Two major British banks are being nationalized. Brazil and Argentina are abandoning the US Dollar, even though the dollar SEEMS to be doing OK. And while I can't exactly explain what LIBOR is, I do know that as long as they keep pushing up loan rates, people with ARMs are in for a world of hurt. Hell, even Hugh Hefner has had to get rid of some of his bunnies. It's only 7:30am here on the East Coast so I don't know what's going to happen yet with the markets and also, keep in mind, tomorrow, Thursday, is a big day for derivatives, and by big, I mean bad, but it sure seems to me that it's financial Armageddon. (Also, my IRA is doing a fabulous impression of David Caruso's post-NYPD Blue career.)

But really, what is happening? Is it a consolidation of power? Is this the final manipulation of the global cabal to enslave every last one of is in a New World Order?

Or is it, as I hope, that maybe, just maybe, it's the last gasp of a perverse system and it's the human race's last chance at freedom. The fire has broken out, the exits are starting to be blocked up, can we get out in time to save our lives? Can we see that sickness and perversion of our system of economy for what it is; a ravenous beast that will consume anything in its path while it accumulates profit?

Now is the time to cast off our shackles. See the system for what it is. Money is an illusion. We agree to it because that's all we've been shown. But another world is possible. Start to envision it. Start to believe in it. Human beings do not need wealth as an incentive to do good things. They never have. It's the system that has taught us that. We had to learn that. It's not truth. It's a lie.

We all need to wake the f-ck up already. Before we are all truly enslaved.

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