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A coward is a coward and cowards, much like a drowning…

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…man will clutch desperately at the tiniest bit of flotsam or debris to keep his head above water to the point that many would-be rescuers have been seized by the desperate drowner, forced under by the victim seeking to climb on top of them, and have been drowned themselves while attempting rescue.

The situation I bring forth here involves nothing heroic and differs from the drowning scenario because here I wish to address cowardice.

There is now a cowardly punk, a major (Major Coward?) in the U.S. Army who is refusing to follow the lawful orders given him by his superiors under the cowardly pretense that President Obama is not an American citizen and therefore not able to issue deployment orders as Commander-in-Chief. He seeks conscientious objector status as well, even though in a moment when his cowardice slipped his mind HE VOLUNTEERED TO SERVE IN AFGHANISTAN. There are no allegations that he was coerced, cajoled, begged, blackmailed, or that he volunteered because his family was being held and threatened.

I'm not going to lend any credence whatever to this scurrilous coward using a false premise, disproved time and time again, that the president is not an American. To my mind the only 'non-American' showing the skunk's stripe running down his cowardly back is the soldier so fearful of being sent to Afghanistan that he has desperately grasped for this false premise regarding the president in order to escape performing the sworn duty for which he volunteered.

Besides, he took an oath to follow the orders of all superior officers, so failing to recognize the president's authority does not absolve him from following the orders of his superiors to deploy to Afghanistan. He should be immediately prosecuted by courts-martial for failure to obey the lawful orders of his superiors. Once he volunteered he came under the authority of the UCMJ, the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

This puke is so cowardly that while advancing in rank to a reserve major, allegedly an officer and a gentleman whose word and honor are beyond questioning, then volunteering for assignment to Afghanistan, and now as his rotation date nears this yellow-bellied, tail between his legs, whimpering, mangy dog of a man seeks a way out (come to think of it, while 'man' isn't appropriate for this coward he certainly should not be called terms he obviously disdains: A Reserves Major in service to the Army Reserve).

While it is true, in some cases, that a reservist has a right to ask that any orders of assignment be canceled, such is not the case here.

It seems one of two things have happened here: either his cowardice rose to the surface as his rotation date came near, the more his cowardice commanded his actions. The second is that this puke has grasped an opportunity to politicize the Army Reserves and, acting under orders of the republican party is taking this opportunity to attempt to, futilely, once again try to pretend President Obama isn't an American despite this matter having litigated several times by the same California-based attorney, Orly Taitz, that is perfectly aware that this matter has been litigated and lost as SHE was the attorney of record in several cases on this matter. That, plus the fact that a volunteer seeks 'conscientious objector status' as he can rest assured his military career is over.

His orders to Afghanistan have been pulled, not by request of Major Coward who could have requested their cancelation, but by by the Army Reserve, which, if staffed by anyone with commonsense, recognizes the actions of a coward and/or a political puppet more loyal to a political party than to the country he swore an oath to defend.

Either way Major Coward remains a coward and unworthy not only of his rank, but the distinct honor of wearing the uniform of a military MAN.

Perhaps he harbors fantasies of being able to overcome what has been established in courts-of-law, but his attorney, Taitz, is obviously aware that she has lost this case several times and is now once again frivolously and without merit, IMO, bringing the same matter to a different court hoping for a different decision.

Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? IMO she should be severely sanctioned by the court, complaints made to the appropriate bar organizations, and, possibly, revocation of her ability to practice law. Too severe?


Disbar her and put Major Coward in Ft. Leavenworth.

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At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoorah. That frickin coward needs toturnover his ran and uniform. I went to an illegal war under a President that might nothave reallyeven won the election, but I followed my orders and sucked it up. If he was a privte he would already be in the brig with the crappiest counsel the government could afford.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Right on, bro. I volunteered for 'Nam and have suffered greatly from Agent Orange exposure (two cancers, chemo, radiation, radical neck dissection, permanently severed nerves causing lifelong chronic pain), but at least when I volunteered, I went, and didn't try some chickenshit political game to shirk my responsibilities or break my word.

This jerkoff knows nothing about being a soldier, a man, or how crucial it is to keep your word, without which you are a worthless piece of crap completely devoid of honor.

I hope they have three hots and a cot ready for him at Ft. Leavenworth.

Thanks for commenting.

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This particular political incident of turd "patriotism" is actually a setup ... it is quite evident to me that this shithead has already been assured by powerful political opponents of Obama that his criminal behavior of missing movement will not be pursued as the felony that it is.

Now, if this asshat had said that he wasn't accepting his assignment because the Afghan conflict was/is essentially an executive war crime fomented by the previous administration and sustained by the current, I'd be sympathetic with him.

But essentially, he's saying that -- because he doesn't like the current White House inhabitant -- he's not going to fulfill his oath to the Constitution. Unless and until Obama is formally declared NOT the President, he remains, in fact, the CiC.

This M-fer needs to be stomped hard. He certainly shouldn't be allowed to compose the litmus.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Especially since he is an Army Reservist who had the ability to request that his volunteer orders be canceled. It takes a doubly cowardly turd to play stooge for the rethugs when he actually did have an honorable way out.

If he isn't prosecuted he is still almost certain to receive a "less than honorable," or more properly, a "general discharge." Either way his officer's career is over, he will never get another promotion if he tries to remain in the ARs, and you KNOW how any prospective non-military employer is going to view a Reserves major discharged under less than honorable conditions. It is more likely than not the Reserves will boot him out after unnecessarily trying to play political football with the Army Reserves.


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