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DATELINE: Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico: The travails facing the Vidiot's Expedition to not only be the first to cross the hardening surface of the Gulf Of Mexico, but the first emissary from the newly formed Gulf States of America to negotiate future roadways and trade routes with Mexico and Cuba, have taken a very dangerous turn as what has been named "gulf fever" has run rampant threw the crews accompanying the Vidiot and Dr. Vidiot.

Large numbers of the crew mutinied during the night and, had the Vidiot's not wisely chosen to "circle the wagons" as in the old west, they might have been taken by surprise and captured, hurt, or killed. As it was a fierce battle raged throughout the night until the Vidiots brought out a highly secret weapon capable of directing high energy heat waves upon the hardened surface of the gulf that resulted in the very "ground" under the feet of the mutineers melting to a consistence thin enough to sink them where they stood.

The Vidiots were very guarded when questioned about this new weapon and its shocking efficiency and were only willing to reveal that the newly formed Department of Defense for the newly formed Gulf States of America had newly developed this new weapon and had allowed the Vidiots to carry this newly developed weapon specifically for new situations such as that happening for the first time last evening.

Meanwhile the Mexican Delegation, headed by President Felipe Calderon and the Cuban Delegation headed by Raul Castro, have themselves run into difficulties as the Gulf along their respective shorelines has not had time to harden as hard as the gulf the portions upon which the Vidiot's delegation rides.

A temporary solution has been proposed to have these two delegations be carried to the hardened edge of the Gulf utilizing converted ice breaking ships to locate the fully congealed edge of the ever-hardening gulf.

This solution itself has led to a new, unanticipated, unforeseen, and unexpected request of the Cuban Delegation to first drive across the gulf to go to Disney World prior to meeting with the Vidiots and the Mexicans.

Negotiations continue.

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At 6:57 AM, Blogger Jannie said...

I'm the Vidiot's mother and I appreciate the daily updates! Keep up the good work. Clearly, SHE is not reporting any of this to ME!!!

Vidiot Mom

At 12:59 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Well howdy there VidiotMom, I can't tell you what an honor it is for me to receive your comment and request!

I was mildly insane yesterday but it's OK, I'm back into full insanity mode today and will be posting an update on the expedition shortly. (Oh, gosh, I really got a comment from VidiotMom! Some-b-o-d-y pinch me!)


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