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Fear and (self) Loathing in the Voting Booth and the remarkable gutlessness of the GOP and the Teabaggers…

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WARNING: I will be using racial epithets in writing this post, words that can be hurtful depending on context, but I am doing this to make a point I would find it difficult make otherwise. The reasons for use of these epithets is two-fold: first, to show the cowardice of the two above-mentioned political parties and, second, to show how the demonization of President Obama by any means possible borders on the insane, borrows the epithets of yesteryear, and makes only the most superficial changes in form or application to try to remain free of accusations that they are still naught but bigots, racists, and homophobes who find it easier to slander, insult, brand as evil, and use slightly modified epithets to make the same old Jim Crow thinly veiled threats, denigrate our fellow citizens, make their false projections as to where a candidate stands on issues, and to run yet another "Be afraid, be very afraid…" election, a GOP specialty.

The Con Game: It has been crystal clear that the only way the GOP/Teabaggers can win elections is not based upon legislation they wish to implement to benefit the least of us, restore fiscal sanity, rein in Big Banking, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Corporations, and, in general, do something good for the party.

They are exactly the same scams as the GOP used for self-aggrandizement, the rape and plunder of America, conducting illegal wars and bigger and better genocides. They're "clean", WASPs, and they aren't concerned with the fact that the GOP as led by bush/cheney made America the laughingstock of the world, got America rated as the top terrorist threat to the world, bankrupted the country with policies that called for stealing the resources of Iraq when they could have purchased them on the open market, tried to bring back the Nixon axiom that if a president does it, it's not illegal, and they sat and did nothing as our rights were so narrowed as to render many of those rights moot.

The 'code words' regarding racial issues continue to be used in demonizing an opponent that can outthink them any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Lie about any democrats intentions, deny the lie when caught and proven wrong, then go back to telling the same lies to be picked up and magnified by the media until the lie becomes 'common wisdom.'

Think of the things you hear virtually everyday and compare them to the epithets of old which these new code words have replaced.

Image: A dead monkey, shot several times by police, and a comment to the effect that someone else will have to be found to pitch health care because the dead monkey, in every bigot's mind signifies, "The Nigger is dead! The Nigger is dead! Oh, and this is so, so funny because we can display all the naked racial bigotry we want 'cause when them goddamn liberals accuses us of hating niggers we can tell 'em that it's only (snort, snort) a monkey, not our nigger president."

Open calls from GOP and teabaggers to do anything possible to make Obama fail and be a one-term nigger president thrown out onto the trash heap of history, up to and including actually shooting the nigger, and preparing for it by carrying guns to Obama rallies just in case they get a clear shot. Radical churches have openly prayed for Obama to be killed while the GOP and teabaggers openly state they wish to commit treason by assassinating Obama and operating to block every effort he makes to better the country, not because he's wrong necessarily, but because he's not a WASP and is therefore an uppity nigger. (Remember how the MSM went nuts when Obama appeared with the OHIO STATE FLAG behind him, a white flag with an 'O' with a rainbow running through the 'O' and openly breathlessly reported that obviously only a socialist despot would design his very own flag and flout it on national TV. Many faces were awfully red when it was revealed that Obama had nothing to do with the design or display of the Ohio State flag. I believe this marked a turning point for these two pernicious parties as they learned quickly that the nigger and related epithets were not going to be politically palatable with voters.

This is a real dilemma for these two parties. They can only conduct a whisper campaign about how this nigger is 1) not a citizen, 2) a practicing radical Muslim, and 3) a socialist on par with the worst despots in history. These became the new substitutes for 'those in the know' to use instead of the politically incompatible word nigger.

Images: Hitler in white-face or Obama in white face with a Hitler-type mustache. Intent: Tie the nigger to one of the most evil despots of last century and hope the use of the white-face will quell accusations of racism. Wink, wink.

Declare that Obama is not only not a citizen, but a radical Muslim educated in some of the most vile Muslim schools in existence. Oh, boy! This is almost as good as being able to openly call the president a nigger terrorist wanna-be, as the associations they sought to make were that Obama was not American at all, owed his allegiance to the Muslim world, and that every act of his was to undermine our democracy and take over as dictator.

Image: Lacking any genuine proof of any of the vile accusations they have made the rightwing then chooses to use the "Obama as The Joker" posters at rallies, getting the signs shown on TV as often as possible. It's so fucking ridiculous to people with a modicum of commonsense to portray Obama, again in white face, a la Al Jolson in blackface, as being as evil as an entirely fictional character, but it demonstrates again the desperation of the GOP/teabaggers to imply, "No nigger can run a country founded by white christian men and just to prove it we'll put the nigger in white-face to suffer derision and disgust at the thought of Obama being a cartoon bad guy."

Tactic: Smear Obama's wife and children as much as possible. "Oh, horrors! That bitch Michelle wore a sleeveless dress to a state function! Shows you niggers know nothing of maintaining even false pretensions when it comes to State affairs! Not only that, but they allowed, and Michelle physically helped, the kids plant a garden, a fucking garden, on some of the most hallowed ground in America! Only a nigger would so degrade the Whitehouse, but is it still the 'Whitehouse' when niggers move in?" (Actually asked by GOP/teabagger affiliated groups.)

My hunch, my beliefs, about the results to soon be forthcoming from the elections: Teabaggers have assumed an ever greater load of pure bigotry to do some heavy lifting for the GOP. Now the election time grows near and the teabaggers have, they believe, smeared, slimed, and set the stage for a massive turnover favoring them and the GOP.

I see it differently. Saner heads, and yes, there are some, within the GOP recognizes the threat presented by the teabaggers. The two parties will split the vote as sane conservatives realize that even THEY don't want the teabaggers in charge, as the vicious, insidious policies they would pursue (reversing health care, destroying social security, eliminating Medicare, etc.) would not only be detrimental for America but could be the straw that broke the proverbial camels back insofar as Americans finally and forever abandoning a party too mean, ugly, and self-serving to ever effectively lead a nation.

One, but not all, of the reasons I believe this is a recent poll that showed 11% of respondents to the poll thought the teabaggers could solve America's problems while 77% believe that there is no way teabaggers will ever be able to run and solve the problems of government. This means that over half of the existing teabagger party members themselves believe that their party is not going to help America solve any problems.

How the teabaggers and GOP can believe that, combined, they represent salvation for America in the face of statistics like that simply marks them for the fools and simpletons they are. If the teabaggers win two or three seats, drawing votes away from serious GOP candidates, they will never gain a majority in either house. I actually expect that the more people think about the consequences of returning America to the Dark Ages by electing any combination of GOP/teabaggers the more inclined they will be to vote democratic party candidates.

Serious GOP elders running the party already see the handwriting on the wall and have started backing away from the teabaggers, not appearing with teabaggers, not donating money to teabaggers or providing other support, and, now, recognizing that the split vote between the GOP and the teabaggers could likely result in democrats GAINING seats, not losing them.

Well, we'll find out next week, so if you will excuse me please it's time for me to send in my absentee ballot.

Note: It is best to NOT use a party line vote. If there is no democratic candidate for an office no vote would be recorded for you. I believe it more important to vote for every office, and to vote against any GOP or teabagger and vote for an independent, Green Party candidate; anyone but GOP or teabagger. I will be very interested in hearing counterarguments or differing opinions. Especially about the undercurrent of racism and bigotry.

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At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you putrid little "fucktard" We don't like the nigger. We didn't ask for the nigger. Elections are coming and obviously the nigger hasn't panned out.I hope the nigger is shot. The chaos in the streets would allow for many more niggers to be shot. Me a teabagger? No regular, honest citizen that like most citizens in this country, don't like niggers. Guess liberals cant mandate the liking of niggers. This vile chimp is a one term accident. He is worse than Jimmy Carter! How bad is that? The libs in the media a pitifully trying to bolster your pet nigger. Truth is, he is a complete failure. Enjoy your unrealistic day!

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, what a "nigger"-earful! Hey unsigned anonymous, when did you get out of the joint anyway (or are you out yet)?

As V suggested in an earlier response perhaps a couple of months ago about when the Sailor castigated me for using the Beaner/Wetback tags in my own satiracle little exposes', racist terminology possesses only the power you want it to.

The only difference between the racist terms white trash, cracker, beaner, wetback, wop, kraut, frog, honky (archaic), and any other number of less popular racist identifier and the epithet "nigger," is that -- by treating it so "N-word" special -- the corporate media artificially sustains that nomenclature's specialty of vileness.

There was a time when the word nigger was just casually used so much more often than, say, the word "sneeze." It was also back then that you could be arrested for writing or saying the words "shit" or "fuck." Lenny Bruce found out the emphatic way.

Nowadays, most "letter-to-the-editor" programs will let you write most anything but will specifically kick you out of their system for the high crime of even writing the word "nigger," even within an essay that specifically vilifies use of that particular word.

Regarding the doofus above, nobody with any self-dignity really wants to emulate that piece of crap. But being that self-believing brand of nigger-trash-talking turd establishes that anonymous wretch so much as a "man" to himself. It's also exacerbated by how society unreasonably establishes so much power to that particular insult.

In any event, it's the same way with all such self-empowering bigots. But if use of the word "nigger" became as pedestrian as the word "cracker" or even "wetback (though there are many Hispanics who are trying so hard to make that their 'nigger' identity)" remains, the above handjob's own pettiness would be so much more self-evident.

Censorship in ANY form is -- ultimately -- a despot's best friend.


At 2:38 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

I knew you were lurking out there in the blogosphere somewhere, but let me say this first, I do not write under a pen name, alias, handle, or anything but my real name: Bill Arnett

Anonymous, 1st comment above, makes my point as well, perhaps better, than I did. Your comment seethes with contempt, hatred, bigotry, racism, and you are an outright liar.

1) You claim: "We don't like the nigger. We didn't ask for the nigger." Correct. Bigoted racists like yourself didn't elect him, Obama won the presidency by a large majority of voters, no 'squeaker' wins here, he cleaned your bigot clock and reset the racism alarm for 2010 when it obviously would rear its ugly head once more.

2) It's probably best for you to hide your identity out of cowardice as statements such as, "…I hope the nigger is shot." could very well place you in jail, where you would learn all new words like, "Bitch" and its prison definition.

(I must post this and then continue or my answer will get too long to be posted.)

At 2:58 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

Bill, 'anonymous' is not as anonymous as he thinks.

I won't post his personal info online but he's from Lexington Kentucky, uses XP, came here from a search site where he had searched on the 'n' word.

Nice guy huh?

I'm not sure whether his comments rise to the level of a threat, so I'm letting the authorities decide that one.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

You also, Anonymous, state: "The chaos in the streets would allow for many more niggers to be shot." Anonymously, of course, as you would never have the guts to act independently; mob mentality and the anonymity provided by a mob is obviously your cup of teabags as you even conceal your identity to make stupid, insidious, insipid statements.

"Me a teabagger? No regular, honest citizen that like most citizens in this country, don't like niggers." says you. Are you too stupid to study population growth and how it affects the make up of a society? White women are now a minority group, to be followed by white men in the next 30 years or so. Latinos and Blacks will be the future majority groups so you best be ready to hide under the bed. It is also ridiculous to even intimate that you and you alone speak for the majority of Americans. You don't even speak for yourself cloak as you are in anonymity.

"Guess liberals cant mandate the liking of niggers." Nor can we force sensible people to agree with your absolutely asinine position that lacks clarity of thought, reasoning, and generally, anything worth reading.

"He is worse than Jimmy Carter! How bad is that?…" Hmmm, four years of peace, no effort to subvert and undermine our government, and a $600,000 SURPLUS in the Treasury when he left office. A nuclear engineer, wildly successful businessman, and a person still working daily to provide for the least among us. I'm sure you have comparable qualifications, intelligence, and…oh, stop! There is no way you will ever be even one iota, the tiniest infinitesimal portion of a man as good as Jimmy Carter. Does show you have been programmed with the right rote.

(continued in next comment)

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

"The libs in the media a pitifully trying to bolster your pet nigger. Truth is, he is a complete failure." Okay, so I suppose you put yourself through college, went on to Harvard Law School, graduated fourth in your class, became a professor at the law school, got yourself elected senator of Illinois, and now you are ready to assume the reins of command of America. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-WHEW-OH, SOMEBODY STOP ME! You can never aspire to be one quarter the man of accomplishments that is President Obama.

(continued below)

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Your stupidest assertion that you are an, "honest citizen…". Shit, you can't even be truthful with yourself. Do you really believe that anything you wrote supports that contention in any way, shape, or form? If so you are more delusional than the average teabagger.

Oh! If you do wind up in jail for advocating for the death of the president, while you're learning what a bitch is you will have a wonderful opportunity to catch up on your teabagging skills.

THAT would at least insure your popularity with your fellow inmates.

I will regard your calling me a 'fucktard' with pride and a measure of the sting of truth reaching at least one teabagging/GOP, conservative, religious rightwing, mouth-breathing biased, racist, bigot, and, in general, the very lowest scum of all the scum running loose in today's America.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...


I agree Anonymous should remain anonymous. It is, after all, not fair that his spouse or children might suffer the slings and arrows of disgust and revulsion that a bigot such as this sorely deserves.

BTW, thanx for the cross-post. You know you are always permitted to use anything I write in any manner you wish. Say hi to everybody.


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