Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Light posting to continue for a few more weeks

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At least on my end. Work is insane. Every year, my organization has a huge meeting in some city in the US and every year, they're never prepared for it. Every year it's like someone springs it on them at the last minute. I'm sure these people are also startled by April 15.

A few drive bys:

Yes, these are just the guys to figure out the economic mess since they're they ones who created it in the first place.
The European Union's monetary affairs chief called on G20 governments on Tuesday to take coordinated steps to rebalance world economic growth, ahead of their talks this week in South Korea.

It's official: Americans are dead in the head.
Nearly half a million people took to the streets in France Tuesday to protest against government plans to raise the retirement age, but the government seems to be holding its nerve, with the Senate moving ahead with a vote on pension reform.
Why aren't 'Mericans protesting? It's not as simple as being too fat and lazy. The American psyche has been conditioned to identify with their banks. If the banks are doing well, Americans feel like they're OK. There's been lots of happy talk about bank profits lately, and any bank losses are being explained away. Until the connection in identity is broken, Americans will remain on their path of slavery.

I smell and election in the air.
In the still-developing "mortgagegate" scandal, the Obama White House is pledging its loyalties to the letter of the law, vowing Tuesday to hold "accountable" any bank that engaged in foreclosure fraud.

Fortunately, we all know the punchline on that one: after the election, the banks will be bailed out, they will be protected against any criminal liability and the people will be screwed once again.

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