Monday, November 01, 2010

Fiona's view of the rally.

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Fiona is my mom's best friend. She was also my ballet teacher sometime back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Anyway, she went to the Stewart/Colbert thing this weekend and here's her take:
In order to keep America alive we saw the necessity to keep satire alive. Attending the Stewart/Colbert rally on Saturday gave us hope. Being 75, sight impaired and short made it easy for me to maneuver my way to the fence and in view of the screen while three much taller teenage girls who had flown in from Washington state had no trouble nor qualms about pushing into the spaces that were vacated by the bravetree climbers. (much to the audible chagrin of those who moved in and set up camp very early Saturday morning.) I realized my value when i had to identify Fr. Guido Sarducci and Tony Bennett.

The show was funny and filled with lots of talent. The only blatant political message was a man holding a sign that said "Palin-Baltimore." Signs and t-shirts were clever: "I am an extreme moderate", "FOX news keeps fear alive". "Girls gone mild", and on the backs of two pre-teens: "FOX News gets its news here" followed by arrows pointing unmistakably to their derrieres.
There is a power in satire and intelligence is a necessary ingredient to appreciate it.

The rally - we got it!

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